Oakvale Warders
Aleriel, Lady of the Warders







The Warders of Oakvale sit at a careful and bloody crossroads between arcanic magics and druidic magics. These hybrids have existed on the fringe of Highborne society since their founding in the groves of Ashenvale. Gifted with the ability to construct living homes, fortresses, and spires out of living wood, the Warders have accepted their position as a pariah of their society. When the Highborne left Kalimdor, the Oakvale Warders finally settled in a thick oaken forest which became known as the Oakvale.

Using their magics they crafted great halls of living wood and stone. The largest among them was the Oakhall, which was later conquered by House Silvermourn. Being forced from society once more, the warders retreated into caverns and burrows inside the wooded mountain passes. While physically their homes are small and damp caves, upon entrance the person is transported into a sprawling subterranean manse. Although they only allow chosen and worthy people to enter their great homes.

The Oakvale Warders have always had a strong affinity to the elemental ancients of Ashenvale, and in turn, they helped craft and grow them within Quel'Thalas. These powerful ancients defend their warder allies and in times of war march with them to defend their vales.

During the Edge of Night Campaign, it was revealed that the Oakvale Warders are guardians of a titan device known as the Engine of Dreamwardens, accompanied by a Titanic Watcher. The Warders most likely have been tasked with the protection and keeping of the device and it may explain the reasons why the Oakvale is significantly different than any other forest within Quel'Thalas.

Physical Appearances Edit

Oakvale Warders wear a mixture of cloth and leather which is imbued with arcane and drudic magics to amplify their spell casting. Some prefer more lavish garbs that are worn to court, others choose a more primal appearance. Overtime, Warders that dwell more in the druidic nature of their class will often adapt natural attributes of the forest. This can include talons, antlers, wings, feathers etc. The greatest extent of this amplification has yet to be seen.

Notable Oakvale Warders in the Sunguard Edit

Sunward Cere'thien Blackwood; Greenseer

Dawnward Velianor Novastorm

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