The Dawnspire


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The Sunguard
House of Silvermourn
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Oakvale is a large oaken forest in the northwestern reaches of the Dawnspire. It is an ancient land which forests are far different than the rest of Quel'Thalas. Its founders were known as the Oakvale Warders, a coven of druids which took seeds from the great trees of Ashenvale. As other Quel'Dorei began to settle within its groves, the warders withdrew into the great burrows buried deep into the earth.

There were many noble houses that claim roots within these magical forests, but chief among them was House Silvermourn, a great highborne house which mixed the arcane and druidic magics. They constructed the Oakhall, a large wooden city built within the trees. Like other buildings within the Oakvale, the Oakhall is a living creature which requires constant tending from the warders.  

Recent Events Edit

Recently, a large force of undead commanded by the Cult of the Bleeding Eye invaded Oakvale and corrupted many groves. The blight has been so extensive that the warders have left their burrows for the first time in almost three thousand years. There is a great sense of uneasiness as the central authority in Oakvale has been removed. Solnis Silvermourn was slain during the Battle of the Dawnspire and without heirs, the leadership of Oakvale has remained vacant.

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