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House of Silvermourn
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Oakhall is the largest settlement found within the Oakvale. It is a place created out of a single living organism which was grown by the Oakvale Warders upon the founding of Quel'Thalas. Overtime it became the seat of House Silvermourn which they ruled for almost 4,000 years. They bent nature with arcane and expanded the size of the great fortress. The Oakhall is also home of the Wildwood Rangers, led by Captain Eyline Dawnforge.

The Oakhall is a marvel of engineering only accomplished by strong drudic and arcane magics. Large trees hold powerful arcane crystals that interweave throughout the forest. Its garrison can support up to 3,000 soldiers for 10 months in a time of siege.

As of now, the garrison has not be awarded to any particular person and rumors have it that it may be a suitable prize to an knight or minor lord willing to swear vassalage to House Truefeather.

Siege of Oakhall Edit

During the Invasion of the Dawnspire, a large undead force under the command of Grave Guard Hextra, besieged the Oakvale. Using a devastating tactics of mass corruption, they sought to pollute the grate oak trees there and ultimately corrupt Oakhall itself. The Wildwood Rangers put up an extremely valiant defense but were unable to prevent large swaths of the forest from being plagued.

The Sunguard dispatched a relief force soldiers accompanied by House Blacksun to break the siege by attacking the undead at their rear. A small battle ensued where the Sunguard was able to quickly dispatch the large plague trebuchets at the siegeline. Lady Idrya Blacksun broke through the line of the undead and drove her lance into the Grave Guard Hextra. Seeing their commander fall, most of the remaining sentient undead fled while more mindless skeletons/zombies crumpled into the ground.

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