Ranger-Captain Thelanis Goldentree





Economic Status



The Kingdom of Quel'thalas

Oakbough is a town of surprising health in the sparsely populated mountainous regions of Southernwestern Quel'thalas, close to what was once Eastweald of Lordaeron. Relatively untouched by the taint that has seeped over the Ghostlands due to its distance from the once-expansive civilisation of Quel'thalas. It is blessed by thick boreal forest and peace in its little idyllic corner of the elvenlands.

Ranger-Captain Thelanis Goldentree is responsible for the inception of Oakbough and has governed it with steady hand for the past century since. It is a settlement welcoming to Sin'dorei Farstriders and poachers who eke out their livings in the barren Ghostlands and commerce trickles in and out between other settlements and outposts deeper into the Ghostlands and the Argent Crusade to the south.

Its relative proximity to the previous seat of the Amani Empire would leave one inclined to believe that Oakbough would suffer from frequent assault from roving Amani, but the populace would attest to a historical avoidance of their settlement due to the destruction of Zeb'Alor and slaughter of its inhabitants at the hand of a fierce soldier close to Oakbough's establishment over a century's past. Rumour has it that the fighter is, nowadays, a devoted, vicious Blood Knight that has served since the Order's creation. Those entertained by the fireside of Ranger-Captain Goldentree will hear the Knight referred to a little Terror, earned by her brutality and impetuous behavior when she was stationed under his command.

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