Nightshade venom

Anti Venom Vial by Joelhustak

The toxin known as Nightshade is an extremely potent toxin used by the Ghostflayer Tribe of Zul’Gamni. It is gathered from the fangs of the Children of Neotrax, which are massive spiders that live within the Diremoor, a swamp in Zul'Gamni. Nightshade is primarily used to combat enemies that specialize in holy magic, which the Amani have no affinity in. Nightshade is highly resistant to magical based healing. If a magic user attempts to dispel the venom from someone's body, Nightshade bitterly clings onto the blood cells it attaches to and destroys them. This event closes capularies which can lead to paralysis or death. The only treatment for Nightshade is a poultice of Kingsblood and Twilight Jasmine, both are not found within Zul'Gamni. This venom was used in great affect during the Invasion of the Emberlight.

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