Nathar the Redeemer

Nathar the Redeemer is the progenitor of the noble House of Netherstar. Nathar was a Highborne arcanist of considerable power and was a retainer of Queen Azshara. Unwilling to follow the other members of his caste in the acceptance of demonic magics, Nathar abandoned the other Highborne and joined the Kaldorei resistance force known as the Moon Guards. Following the War of the Ancients, Nathar joined Dath'remar Sunstrider's retainers in their exodus east. He and other Highborne nobles conquered an area of land in the Amani Mountains and named it the Emberlight.

To establish a strong foothold in the area, Nathar had a large fortress constructed which would be later named the Netherholde. His descendant named themselves Netherstar, which honored their previous station in kaldorei society. Most members of House Netherstar, are skilled arcanists and are very aware traditions that the arcane bring with them.

Nathar died peacefully from old age after a long storied history of heroic service to his people.

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