Morning Glory
Morning Glory (Quel'thalas)
Morning Glory [Quel'thalas]


The Iron Vault


House Novastorm House Ashveil Kingdom of Quel'thalas The Sunguard


Quel'thalas: 45,100 Wetlands: 3,500 Uldum: 5,700


Primary: Thalassian Secondary: Orcish/Common



Morning Glory was established during the initial settlement of the Highborne. It began in Quel'thalas, but has since expanded to other regions of Azeroth for the sake of the nation as a while.

Quel'thalas Edit

At the base of the Iron Vault, nestled in between the mountains and the expansive land farmed by the Sunwalkers, is the lesser city of Morning Glory. While the elite nobles find sanctuary within the citadel above, the lesser sworn houses and other Sin'dorei denizens flocked to this established city. In dire times, they are transported inside of the stronghold, otherwise they remain below. The city itself is an extensive network of roads with copious amounts of buildings to sustain the ever-growing populace. With regards to the architecture, the lesser city pales in comparison to the Iron Vault, equipped with only basic buildings constructed from wood and stone alike. Regardless, there is a constant supply of resources in and out of the city, resulting in a bustling environment and economy. Additionally, this is where the Moon Festival is held.

Wetlands Edit

Situated in the higher plateaus of the Wetlands, the Sunwalkers laid claim to several hundred acres of land and have since begun to farm it and siphon its resources. There is no established city within the Wetlands, only housing for the staff and the Sunwalkers, and factories to process and pack the procured resources.

Uldum Edit

After several months of bargaining, the Sunwalker house established a contract with the indigenous populace allied with the Horde in Uldum. Said contract resulted in the Sunwalkers obtaining over a thousand acres of land and the construction of a port. With the advantageous soil of Uldum, the Sunwalkers have unlocked the ability to grow crops and produce textiles/perfumes that could otherwise not flourish in Quel'thalas or the Wetlands.

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