Mesperyian Ren'tavir




Middle Aged





The Sunguard

Sunsworn Order


Elphonsus Ren'tavir [Husband, deceased]

Wilhelmina Miranne [Sister, deceased]

Ollian Ren'tavir [Son, alive]

Reyalis Ren'tavir [Daughter, alive]

A statuesque, imposing woman of few words and scarcer kindness, Knight Mesperyian Thisalen Ren'tavir of the Sunguard is an odd member of the Dawnmenders. While not one to recklessly wage battle, her past service as a cavalry woman is still too fresh in her mind and her zealotry in serving the Light's will has not yet mellowed.

Description Edit

A woman of little elven grace, Mesperyian stands head and shoulders above most of her kin. Palest blonde hair sits as her crown, the tips of her ears jutting tattered over it. The right side of her face is marred by burns, long since healed yet far from erased. It is clear the eye on that side is blind, a verdant glass copy, yet the Knight herself seems unperturbed by this.

Other than that, her face is angular. Square-jawed with thin lips, a beauty mark visible off the left corner of them and skin suntanned from an active life. Her eyes would be close set, eyebrows thick and orderly, and her nose a hawklike thing. A scattering of bangs frames her face, the only allusion to beauty she keeps- the rest of her long tresses bound into a thick braid- in both shape and body.

She is often seen in armor, well-kept and usually far from ornate. While battered from many battles, Mesperyian keeps her gear in excellent shape. A large black-roan destrier by the name of Blackguard is her current companion, the name a tradition for her.

For weapons, she favors a long lance or hauberk, ornate in design. Clearly a matter of pride for the paladin.



Ever a woman of war, Mesperyian was a member of the Border Guard along with her twin Wilhelmina. Both Miranne sisters were of a small rural town, now lost to the Scourge, and the army had been a solid way to make a living. Their start in that path was due to them breeding the destriers the mounted cavaliers would ride, eventually earning them spots as pages and a slow ascencion, over two centuries, to the rank of Knights.

Their lack of noble birth would prevent them from higher ambitions, but nonetheless it was more than Mesperyian had dreamed of. The army would grant her a modest home nearer to her guarding spot, the Thalassian Pass, and it would be there that she would court a country man by the name of Elphonse Ren'tavir. He was a skilled blacksmith, most often hired to forge horseshoes or tools, and he was taken by the stunning soldier and her reclusive manner. It was not a fast courtship, taking the better part of a century and concluding in a marriage in the town's church. Rather than a ring, Elphonse gifted his bride a set of armor and an ornate lance, the latter barely within the bounds of dress code for the guard.

With him, she would mother two children: a son and a daughter, which she would love dearly.

The FallEdit

It was a half-century after her family had settled that the undead struck. Little warning was had, save for farmhands fleeing back to the town and then the woods. The Ren'tavir household, too close to the town's center, was swiftly due to become unsustainable. Ollian would take his sister away on a breeding mare, while Elphonse would remain in the town to evacuate as many people as possible.

Mesperyian would only hear of his efforts later from others who had fled, the Knight barely managing to escape the ruins of her post. On foot, she chased after the undead relentlessly and picked off any stragglers: shambling ghouls, necromancers unable to keep pace with the tireless dead. Too late would she make it to Silvermoon City, covered in gore and disheveled, but by then the Sunwell was already lost.

Ollian and Reyalis would be safe, a mare saved along with them for further use. While her husband was lost, Mesperyian would see her sister returned from the Sunwell in tatters, alive if barely. Already brimming with pent-up fury, the Knight would vow to be the one to purge Quel'thalas of undead filth. Joining in any mission to rout the gruesome foe, she would gain in renown enough to eventually gain the Magistrate's eye.

While still a lowborn woman, her iron will and strength would qualify her to bear arms few of the now-sin'dorei had wielded. It was a slow start, but she would make it into the Sunsworn with only a small delay: Elphonse's ghoul. She would cross paths with it while venturing south, to the Deathholme that marred her home, armed with crystal-Light and fury.

She would return cooled of passions, and eager to serve even away from her home. While that was rare, she would assist those of her order in any expedition, including the razing of a Scarlet Crusade chapel, minor and closer to the Thalassian pass. The lands too plagued to settle, Mesperyian and her sister would put them to the torch before returning home.

Beyond Quel'thalas Edit

While the Sunwell's relighting would be little to her, the naaru's pained chiming enough Light for her, Mesperyian would not be completely aloof from the events surrounding it. She would follow Lady Liadrin against the Illidari, then request to rush home to assist those against the Traitor Prince. The request denied, Mesperyian nonetheless excelled at destroying the demons besieging the Black Temple and would be victorious returning home.

After that, her first duties involved clearing the Isle of Quel'danas, along with her sister, of any royalists. Few and far between, and distinguishable for their excess of fel, they were mostly easy prey. One of them, a skilled warlock, would elude her and take her eye (along with much of her right side) as fiery payment for their escape. Only Wilhelmina's swift call on the Light would prevent Mesperyian's death, although the other twin would forever be a pale shadow of herself after that.

Both of them would later join the Horde's military. While no honors would be granted there, it would more than provide for the family Mesperyian left in Quel'thalas. Both of them already being entrenched in studies, their mother a distant figure, the Knight knew she would not be overly missed. Correspondence was kept dutifully, short missives to her family scattered between formal ones for troop requests or acknowledging orders around the world. Their limits reached, low birth and a high-ranking order already acquired, Mesperyian would gain little but acclaim and sights to see. She would be a zealot, too fond of battle, but precise to a fault in her practice.

Ollian would become a squire, taking up much the same mantle as his mother and aunt (to their subdued joy). Reyalis, meanwhile, would tend to just enough magic to provide for a vineyard. Icewine was her specialty, a delicacy in the human kingdoms and a novelty to Quel'thalas: the limited production kept her from too much money, but her acclaim was widespread enough for her to venture south again for commerce. Thus, she would be the first to know of the coming threats beyond Azeroth again, and report back to Silvermoon with a worried tone of a change in the Dark Portal.

A New World Edit

The Sunsworn were only too quick to answer the call, rushing through the Portal to the mostly-uncorrupted Draenor.

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