Mandrake Eyes

Mandrakes are the product of the curse of the Emberlight in full fruition. As the elves of the vale die, their spirits are cursed to wander the haunted forests of the Emberlight for eternity unless guided into the afterlife by the Priests of Belore. Most funeral rituals include a priest performing a rite of passage, and guide a lingering spirit into the void. For the unfortunate souls that cannot be guided, their spirits will continue to haunt the Emberlight itself. The longer they haunt the more corrupt the spirit becomes.

Over time, these spirits will turn into beings of malice and hate of all living things. It could be that they are envious of the life they once had or that the very land itself seeps a latent evil. Soon these spirits will attach themselves onto a living person and slowly begin to consume their minds. Most victims are unknowing that they are being haunted, but as their dreams turn into nightmares, and their thoughts are consumed with malicious intent, the victim would easily know they are a slowly being consumed. By then it’s too late.

Soon the spirit overwhelms the person and binds itself to their soul. What happens next is impossible to explain, but that person is forever changed and they are born into the world as a Mandrake. Their hair is rumored to become bone white and their eyes solid red. It’s not known if the spirit completely takes over its host, or that its corrupting influence binds the person together. What is known, Mandrakes are scourges of the living and their immortal lives are spent bringing nothing but pain into the world.

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