Maelith Netherstar was the first child of Nathar Netherstar and Aluria Silverdawn. For almost five hundred years he held the title of heir to the family lands of House of Netherstar and the mighty fortress of Netherholde. Unlike his father, Maelith was a formidable Spellbreaker and is remembered to be overly comely and dashing. His father brokered a marriage with a daughter of the Blacksun Gate, but the marriage was cancelled when Maelith was slain by a band of Amani Trolls.

His body was never recovered and his youngest brother, Izulde Netherstar, believes that Maelith could have possibly been corrupted into a malicious spirit known as a Mandrake.

He is remembered to be a man of particularly strong charismatic mannerisms and a penchant for heroic feats that endanger his own safety and those around him. He is remembered with a portrait within the Netherholde found within Izulde's personal study.

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