Lynx's Home


The Emberlight


House of Silverdawn




House of Silverdawn
House of Netherstar
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Lynx Home is a windswept citadel found high into the northern mountains of the Emberlight. It is a well-fortified citadel which serves as the seat of House of Silverdawn. Comprised of a stronger outer gate, the fortress itself drives deep into the mountain itself similar to a dwarven fortress. The insides feature welcome enough accommodations but lack the lavishness of other more eloquent thalassian manses. Lynx Home was built for war and the dour architecture suits its grim appearance.

The location of Lynx Home features only two seasons throughout the year. From the months of May through September, it is a wet and windblown place featuring almost daily downpours and high gusting wind. Between October through April, the fortress is almost closed off from the world by snow. This hard landscape limits the economical output of the fortress but also breeds formidable men and women to serve in the armies of the Emberlight.

In a time of war, should the Lynx Home become besieged, the fortress has enough fastness to survive a decade on its vast internal stores forcing the attacker to only consider a violent and often futile attempt at storming its walls.

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