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Liryan Cle'lia is the last of a long line of warriors, being the first in her family to wield the Light and become a paladin. Currently, Liryan is enlisted as an Emberward of the Sunguard, a small private Sin'dorei militia stationed out of Quel'thalas. With what little money she makes and has saved, she manages a small jewelcrafters shop in Silvermoon City where she often makes soul shard embedded items for Samni. She lives in the backroom of her ship and is also currently in a relationship with Xan the troll.

Appearance Edit

Overall of average height and weight, Liryan is about 5'7" and 140lbs. Most of her weight is muscular, but isn't overly apparent with her more 'curvy' body type. She has long blonde hair that she usually wears down, and dresses very simply - not often bothering with robes or expensive linens. She'll rarely be seen in a dress, almost always wearing armor or comfortable pants of some kind. She is usually seen with her axe that is overly large for the paladin, probably weighing at least half of what she does. Her fel green eyes are consistent with most Sin'dorei, but will sometimes glow closer to yellow when she uses the Light regularly and reduces her fel consumption. 

Background Edit


(Art by Escalusia)

Early Life Edit

Liryan was born in Quel'thalas but was never of nobility ranking. Her family trained her from a very young age to hone her strength and focus on her fighting skills. The Cle'lia family would have a coming of age ceremony once the child was considered an adult, and from there they would choose their primary weapon. Despite being a woman and being smaller among-st her kin, Liryan picked one of the most unwieldly and heavy weapons possible - a greataxe. She favored the ridiculous weapon and used it to help build her strength and prove herself a worthy Cle'lia warrior, despite being one of the smallest and youngest of her siblings.

Capture by the Amani Edit

During the Third War, when the Amani attacked Quel'thalas her family went into battle immediately. Liryan had only barely completed her training and went with them, but was inexperienced and young compared to the rest. She fought on the front lines against the trolls but was unsuccessful. Because of her inexperience on the battlefield, Liryan was knocked down early in the fight and the rest of her family was killed. Since she was still alive, the Amani opted to take her captive where she remained in the camps for about a month as far as she can recall. During her time in the camp she underwent a lot of abuse by the Amani and formed a fear of trolls, though not a hate for them. One Amani aided in helping her escape, leaving the door unlocked when feeding her one evening. Under what she would consider a miracle, the Light came to her in these moments and helped her strike down her captors, fleeing the camp and saving her life.

Post-Captivity Edit

After Liryan escaped she went through a period of deep depression from the loss of her family and PTSD from captivity. This was aided significantly by her best friend, Corvus Drymarchon, who worked with her and helped her regain happiness again. He encouraged her to start up a shop in the city doing what she loves: jewelcrafting. With his financial assistance, she started up the shop and started to make money off of her hobby. They dated for a few years on and off, but she determined that she didn't have feelings for him like he had for her, and have since broken off the relationship. They're still close friends and he often visits her shop or will be seen hanging around there on off days. He's still relatively protective of his friend, despite her not reciprocating his feelings of endearment. 

Current Whereabouts Edit

Currently Liryan fights for the Sunguard and just returned home from their campaign in Northrend. She was lucky to come out of the battle alive with few injuries, going back to working in her shop until the Sunguard needs her attention once again. After meeting Xan, an Amani troll, and him helping her to overcome her fear, the two became good friends. With time, the realized they had feelings beyond just friendship and decided to pursue an open relationship. She keeps her emotional ties with Xan only, mostly reserving her other urges with specified partners. 

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