Lirelle Dawnbrook
Art by Rishnea






Dawnveil Hinterlands


Krendal's Crows
The Sunguard


Drenden Dawnbrook (Father)
Selene Duskwright (Mother)
Nyrexis (Sister)
Tamandra (Sister)
Alistern (Brother)
Solaria (Sister)

Lirelle Dawnbrook is a priestess  currently serving as a Dawnmender in the Sunguard. As the third of five children, she is nowhere near inheriting her family’s holdings, and has been happy to forge her own path going forward. She is known affectionately to friends - and fearfully to enemies - as ‘Dawnmender Stabs’.

Appearance Edit

Despite the amount of time she spends in the sun, everything about Lirelle is pale, a trait most likely inherited from her mother. Her straight ash-blonde mane tends to be worn down, or pinned up if she needs to concentrate. Despite being fairly tall, the skinny woman is all bones and sharp angles, and some would argue that it matches her personality. Though she comes from a noble family of middling import, she values comfort over trappings of station, her attire mostly practical but well tailored.

Personality Edit

One of the daughters of the free-spirited Lord and Lady of Dawnveil, Lirelle has a stubborn and firey disposition, tempered with both discipline and professionalism, though those close to her may argue otherwise. She maintains professional poise while on duty, but she will not suffer those she sees to be wasting her time. Her parents encouraged her childhood curiosity, leading her to delve into naturalist and botany pursuits while younger, something which carried well into adulthood.

Combat Edit

Had she not found the Light, her skill with the arcane would have likely sent her down the magisterial path. As such, she treats the Light similarly, seeing it as a resource and drawing on it with minimal reverence for what she wields. Her time spent in the mercenary company, Krendal’s Crows, helped her to hone her craft, ending with her searing any and all enemies with Light, much like the mage she could have been. Necessity forced her to become a healer, a role she reluctantly accepted, making up for her lack of soothing or finesse by extensively studying texts and anatomy.  She has also recently familiarized herself with hand to hand combat, the training coming from an unlikely friend in the Sunguard, Oosaarn Bloodaxe, though her physique doesn’t allow for any spectacular proficiency.

History Edit

Childhood and Family Edit

Born to the Dawnbrooks, a affluent family who owns the province of Dawnveil, Lirelle is the third of five children. Though all five siblings were close, Lirelle and her eldest sister, Nyrexis, were nearly inseparable. Though their relationship matured over the years, the pair remain as close as ever. Blessed with some of the best beaches and reefs in Quel’Thalas, she spent her youth on the shores of Dawnveil, harassing any and all small critters she found. With their lands and families so close together, the Dawnbrook children grew up with the two Emberheart boys, Sederis and Solendis, the heir to the Emberglades himself remaining a close friend, eventually joining the Sunguard together with her.

Mercenary Days Edit

This path was marked by her joining of Krendal’s Crows, an Elven mercenary company that specialized in frontline combat and security details. It was there that she spent the majority of her adult life, participating in almost every noble dispute and petty war in the Kingdom of Quel’thalas.

The Second War was where she made a name for herself and her company. As part of an auxilliary unit to the Farstriders, Lirelle defended the borders of Quel’thalas from the Amani incursions. Though they never officially claimed credit for their actions, they propelled Krendal’s Crows into recognition even amongst the highest of nobles. As their renown began to grow, she hardly saw combat after that, spending that period of her career as a glorified security guard for Elven lords.

It was during her time accompanying an employer on an expedition into the Eastern Kingdoms that Silvermoon was assaulted; and by the time her company was recalled to Quel’thalas to defend the motherland, Silvermoon had already fallen. The isolation of her familial lands ensured their relative safety, though she still carries the lingering guilt, believing that she could have made a difference.

The Sunguard Edit

Lirelle was part of the force that was inducted at the start of the Winter of Woe Campaign of the Sunguard. Signing up with Sederis Emberheart during the tail end of the recruitment drive, they soon found themselves stationed in Light’s Glory in Northrend and participated in most major engagements with the Bleeding Eye.

Currently she is stationed in Dalaran, in the Broken Isles, lending aid to the ongoing battle for Felblaze Ingress.

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