Light's Glory
Art by Takaya




The Argent Crusade




The Argent Crusade
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Confederation of Taunka Tribes
Clan Cairne
Clan Hateforge

The Argent Duchy of Light’s Glory was founded a year following the Lich King’s demise. While most crusaders returned home following the war in the north, there were several that stayed behind. Their purposes were mixed. Some wished to make sure the dead may never rise once more, others had lost everything in Third War and on this forsaken continent they saw opportunity to start again. Whatever their purpose, the citizens of Light’s Glory were a stalwart and hardy people well purposed for war.

The trails into Light's Glory are seemingly abandoned. In the heart of winter most of the local populace returns to the city for warmth and safety. The snow makes it increasingly more difficult to march larger armies effectively. The trees here were tall sentinel pines that stretch high into the overcast sky. Their gray-green trunks were bare of any branches at the base. While they were rustically beautiful, they are hardly inviting to camp beneath.

The city itself is fairly prosperous. Its economy is fueled by the natural glories of Northrend. The lumber trade, precious metals, furs, and oils chang hand from the local people to southern traders that stretched as far as Pandaria. Here banking and commerce can be found just as well as any large city in the south.

There are several pockets of races that make home in the city itself. While primiarly a human city, it boasts a large population of dwarves of the Wildhammer Clan and the Darkiron Clan. They are often at each other's throats. High elves of Quel'Asil also have a farstrider lodge within the city and serve as expert trappers and scouts. The Confederation Taunka Tribes has an embassy or sorts within the city itself, however most of the tribesmen have been recalled due to the threat of advancing undead moving into the traditional taunka lands. Finally, the Knights of the Ebon Blade hold a small barracks or sorts within the city. However good folk rarely go there unless they are in dire need.

The ports of Light's Glory are a busy place and with the presence of a Sin'dorei warfleet outside the harbor, trade has been impacted some. Ships are weary of a military presence so close to their goods and the Horde is a force that can hardly be trusted. Most of the population is weary of the The Sunguard's presence within their domain, but it their worries are assuaged by Duke Waldemar's promise of reinforcements to fight the undead.

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