Lethoren Dragonseeker
Lethoren Dragonseeker By Sir Meo
By Sir Meo






Firstborn of House Dragonseeker, Blood Knight Champion, Sunspear Cavalier, Lightward


Blood Knight, Cavalier, Sunspear


The Sunguard, The Sunreaver Onslaught (Formerly the Sunreavers), The Scryers, the Blood Knight Order, Silvermoon


Titherion Dragonseeker (Grandfather, Deceased), Kalria Dragonseeker (Mother) Talidus of Eversong (Father, Deceased) Bromus Dragonseeker (Brother, Deceased)


Lawful Neutral (Leaning heavily to Lawful Good)



Lethoren Pic
Lethoren Dragonseeker is the oldest surviving son of House Dragonseeker, located on a small island chain in the western seas, just South by South West of the Sunsail Anchorage. Last of his clan, save his mother, Lethoren joined the Blood Knights after the fall of Silvermoon, and has never stopped serving the Sin'dorei with his blood, sweat, and pain.

Currently, Lethoren serves as a cavalry lancer among the Sunspear.

Apperance Edit

Lethoren is a tall elf, standing at 6'3" while towering over many of the other elves around him. His tall frame is musclar, but surprisingly lean. He isn't lanky, but he isn't hugely burly either. Weighing around 225 lbs, Lethoren is able to physically hold his own against most foes, which most elves could not do.

Lethoren keeps his clothing well kept and his armor shining gloriously. When he is wearing his golden armor, it glows with white and golden light. He constantly wears his Blood Knight tabard as a reminder of his time among the infamous knights. He carries their ideals with him, while remembering the sacrifices of his people and the cooperation that sustained his people through the darkest of times.

When in his casual clothes, Lethoren prefers a pair of tight fitting leather hunting pants and fur boots. He wears a white shirt and crimson gloves. He also wears his sunreaver tabard, for it was in this attire that he studied with the Sunreavers of Dalaran before the purge.

If one were to see his body. they would see a long scar on his torso and a burn mark across his right arm. His left armor has scars that resemble teeth, and a series of criss crossing scratchs move up and down his arms, looking as though they were made by no weapon of this planet. Lethoren's face is clean, though, unscarred thanks to his helmet and his quick reflexes.

History Edit

Lethoren is the only son of Kalria Dragonseeker, Matriarch of the Dragonseeker family, named for her father's death while slaying of a red dragon during the first war with the Orcs. Originally named the Starseekers, they adopted the name to honor of their patron.

Magically gifted, Lethoren chose a life of military service as a Spell Breaker to aid his homeland against the trolls that plagued their borders. He was always bored by political things and finacial studies, and sought a warrior's life against his mother's wishes. Lethere felt free on the training grounds and battlefields, away from the things that he didn't have the patience for.

Trained in sword, shield, and spell, Lethoren was a formidable warrior. When Arthas's forces threatened Quel'Thalas, Lethoren headed the call to to stop the Scourge. He was terrified the first battle with the Scourge, and having spent many battles fighting trolls, he was not accustom to constant retreating. 

By the end of the war, Lethoren was tasked with guarding refugees and the few ships the Quel'dorei had at the time. Escaping to the seas for safety, Lethoren watched his homeland burn, and he watched the Sunwell die that day. The light in the young warrior's eyes died that day, and was replaced with a bitterness that followed Lethoren for years.

Lethoren, along with the refugees he was guarding, returned to their homeland after the damage of the Scourge could not be undone. Falling for the promises of Prince Kael'Thas and his demonic magic source, Lethoren joined the infamous Blood Knights rather than remain a spell breaker. Eager to seek revenge on the Scourge and infused with Light energy, Lethoren soon found himself serving in Outlands. Lethoren worked with the Horde until he and many others joined the Shattered Sun Offensive. They fought against the former prince Kael'Thas's forces until he, along with the rest of Lady Liadrin's army, saw Kael'Thas's treachery finally undone. When he saw the Sunwell restored, tears ran from his eyes as he saw the hope of his people restored. Lethoren changed that day, and he dropped the anger and picked up a sense of love he had not felt in years.

Not long after the fall of Kael'thas and the restoration of the Sunwell, Lethoren journeyed to Northrend, where he helped fight in the Nexus Wars against Malygos. After Malygos's defeat, he spent some time studying Titan runes and crafting in order to further understand and advance his skills as a blacksmith. He assisted the Argent Crusade against the Lich King, one of his most hated foes. While serving, Lethoren developed a deeper appreciation of the Light. This time, Lethoren was not afraid, and his rage and loyalty to his people carried him through the horrors of Ice Crown and even the citadel of Arthas himself.

When Arthas was defeated, Lethoren returned home to retire in peace. He began to grow grapes on his family isle, working to find a new craft that he could enjoy. Lethoren grew bored of peace, though he would not admit it, and he ended up drinking more of the wine than anyone else. With the return of Deathwing, however, he was jumped at the opportunity to fight again. Spending time studying in the city and building close ties with the Sunreavers, Lethoren continued to fight, train, and hone his light and arcane magical abilities. The horrors of the Old Gods scarred Lethoren, and after the war, a number of scars criss cross his arms, some of which still hurt him to this day. 

Lethoren did not venture to Pandaria at first, instead seeking to work for peace with the Sunreavers after the city Theramore was destroyed. When Proudmoure cast out the Sunreavers, an enraged Lethoren led a brutal battle against the Silver Covenant forces, slaying many former Quel'Dorei he once tried to make peace with. He wielded his blade against dragons, Kalaxxi, Mogu, and even the Alliance in Pandaria. His rage against them eventually fell away when he saw the horrors Garrosh had unleashed. When the time came to battle Garrosh Hellscream, Lethoren was on the shores battling his loyalist forces. He left many dead orcs in the sands of Durotar, including a blind blademaster who thought he was faster than Lethoren. When it was over, he was left alone with his grief over the deaths of so many for so pointless a reason.

With that battle over, Lethoren has turned his attention to helping protect and rebuild Silvermoon, along with reorganizing his family's estate and has begun producing wine in his spare time. He has trained a few young paladins in his time, but an overall sadness is still hidden behind a hopeful and noble demeanor. It did not take long for Lethoren to join the Sunsworn as an escort for Lady Liadrin in Draenor. When Lethoren's unit was wiped out by a ramapaging Burning Legionnarie, Lethoren was given the choice to join another unit, or to retire from the front lines. Unwilling to stop fighting, Lethoren joined the Sunguard, ready to throw down his life if it was necessary.

Leth Belfie

Personality Edit

Lethoren is a proud, helpful man. He strives to aid his allies, be it through fighting, or healing, to even sharing a well cooked meal with some strong spirits. Lethoren is well liked among his Lancers, but he keeps a careful distance from them. Lethoren is very warm and friendly, but he has few close friends in the Sunguard as he chooses to stay more distant. Lethoren has lost many friends fighting through the years, so while his instinct is to make friends and allies, he cannot help but keep them at a distance.

Lethoren is a proud Sin'Dorei, and does not hesitate to make his feelings known about the Sin'Dorei. He respects the rest of the Horde, but he considers the culture they've built around Orcish brutality and Troll and Tauren tribal connections to be distasteful. Even more, he loathes the Forsaken, but he's never forgotten their aid in Northrend, nor their aid in saving the Blood Elves after the Scourges invasion.

Lethoren is, however, a merciless soldier in battle. His brutality is a hallmark of true Blood Knight training, designed to break the soldier of the weaknesses of mercy and fear. Leth is a good man, but he does not cringe at the idea of doing a hard and possibly terrible thing to save as many lives as possible. Usually, this means his foes stand little chance of survival as long as they continue to attack. He has shown mercy when asked on several occasions, so long as the plea was reasonable or believable.

Fighting Style Edit

Lethoren wears his plate armor with surprising ease, and carries three main weapons with him battle.

His twinblade is a large, double bladed greatsword he wielded in the earliest days of the Blood Knights. Adorned with a phoenix in the cross guard, he carries this weapon now in a mostly ceremonial way. He wielded it during the Siege of Orgrimmar, defeating a blind blademaster in battle.

Lately, Lethoren has taken a new style of fighting, wielding a great burning glaive. His fast swings give the heavy edge a powerful momentum that has cleaved easily through Iron Legion armor like a hot knife through butter. Lethoren combines his spearwork with a very aggressive form of Pandarian martial arts learned fighting alongside the Shado-Pan as a Sunreaver Onslaught Vangaurd. Unafraid to drive his body as a weapon, Lethoren is always a surprise to fight on foot.

On horseback, Lethoren moves naturally, swinging from side to side to remove heads with his longsword, or to block an incoming blow with his shield. Lethoren uses a heavy lance for initial charges, and the discards it for protracted melee.

When Lethoren wields the light in a healing manner, it manifests in its usual radiant golden form, but when he wields it offensively, he emits golden fire rather than light. It is still radiant energy, but it merely manifests in a different form, like fire rather than light. A soft glow of reddish golden light can be seen around Lethoren by those who are magically sensitive.

Relationships Edit

Lethoren is the only son of the House of Dragonseeker. He has a few friendships within his family house, being seen more as a wondering son who chases war rather than staying at his mother's side.

Inside the Sunguard, he has no true friends. Lethoren is dedicated to the mission, and sometimes, he tends to push people away. He has lost many friends among the Sunreavers, the Scryers, the Blood Knights, and the Sunsworn.

Hobbies Edit

When Lethoren is not at war, he spends his time studying magic and studying the fighting styles of the other races. He loves to read, and he finds he enjoys history and geography greatly.

Lethoren also enjoys to cook and to make wine. He prefers to work with his hands, and he likes to create things that make his friends happy. He's found that the art of creating gives him great focus and calm.

He also enjoys tending the fires of a forge and the metal of an uncrafted blade.

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