Lord Leoc Blacksquall, is known as the High Kraken of the Cult of the Bloodied Squall and liege lord of Dawnbreaker Anchorage. Leoc is the current patriarch of the noble House of Blacksquall. He serves as both the political and religious head of the city-state and commands a powerful fleet of black warships. Known as a grim and ambitious man, Leoc has long resented his place as third within the power structure of the Emberlight.

Appearance Edit

Leoc Blacksquall is a man whose experience in battle is worn plain and with glory. His body is riddled with scars won from ferocious battle. He is a tall and austere man of a grim complexion and stern deposition. As High Kraken, he wears about his brow a crown made from bones, plucked from the corpses of bleaklight hydras. His body is painted and inked with tattoos depicting his patron deity the Kraken, the aspect of Drakos which represents destruction.

He is tall and imposing, both of brawn and sleek whipcord like muscles that show his incredible speed and prowess. His body, normally draped in colors of black and deep navy. He wears a hydra skin cloak which reaches down to the floor.

In battle, Leoc is at home, and despite his healthy appetite for gore and glory, he is an effective commander holding both the loyalty and zealous devotion of his sailors. His twin daggers, Blight and Bloodwake, are always in hand, and his speed is an impressive display of hundreds of years of well honed combat prowess.

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