Kalrien Sunglow






Fairbreeze Village


Sunguard Pathfinder Emberward Combat/Stategic Engineer Mercenary (Formerly) Farstrider (Formerly)


The Kingdom of Quel'Thalas The New Horde




Tyleai Sunglow (Deceased) Anden Sunglow (Deceased) Evyen Duskbrand (Deceased)


Chaotic Neutral

Kalrien Sunglow is an Emberward of the Thalassian militia, the Sunguard, and sole surviving member of Sunglow lineage. Though trained as Farstrider, Kalrien was, until recently, a mercenary by trade. In the years since Silvermoon's fall, he made quite a name for himself as sharpshooter for hire. Recently, however, a profound emptiness and purposelessness has drawn his back into Sin'dorei society.

Idealistic, ambitious, and proud by nature, war and tragedy tempered his youthful innocence into wary reservation. Though even-tempered and sharp, Kalrien is quick to pull his trigger and ask questions later.

Description Edit

Standing at 6'3", Kalrien casts an imposing presence. In sharp contrast to the wispier men of his race, Kalrien's frame is muscular; decades of dedicated training have stripped most of the privileged fat from his body.

His auburn hair frames his sharp features handsomely and flows just past his shoulders. Countless days beneath Azeroth's sun have left his skin tanned and somewhat tougher than your average Blood Elf. His thin lips and proud smirk may make him appear an easy foe, but the keen rifle strapped to his back swiftly dispels that notion.

He has a well-healed scar down the length of his back, the thin, clean slice indicatin a sword slash. Though he bears other battle scars, they lie hidden beneath his green mail ensemble. In particular, he always covers his eyes; few alive have seen the extensive scar tissue surrounding them.

Early Life Edit

The only child of two Farstriders, Kalrien was born into Quel’dorei society’s middle class. Though the Amani threat always loomed at Eversong’s borders, Kalrien’s childhood was largely charmed; he wanted for little and viewed the whole of the enchanted forest as his playground. His parents saw him exposed to art of spellweaving, but it was clear the moment Kalrien held a bow where his prowess lay. Thrilled with his innate talent, his parents supported Kalrien’s interest in the Farstriders and hired excellent marksmanship instructors. After years of dedicated training, the Farstriders offered Kalrien a position among their ranks, and he proudly accepted.

Screenshot 111

Kalrien fending off the Amani invasion.

Many peaceful years drifted by, and while Quel’dorei society thrived, Kalrien grew impatient for an opportunity to prove himself. It is perhaps ironic that Kalrien sought war when the institution would irrevocably change his life. With the coming of the Second War, the Amani grew emboldened by their newfound allies in the Orcish Horde, and invaded Eversong. Kalrien was sent to the front where he eagerly made his first kill; one of the first arrows he released found residence in an Amani berserker’s eye. Though his unit held its ground, others at the front were less fortunate. Kalrien soon received word that his parents were slain in service to their homeland. He did not cry that day; internalizing his grief, he chose to be their living legacy. He would serve as they had, as a bulwark for the Quel’dorei against the tides of darkness.

The Siege of Quel'Thalas Edit

Screenshot 113

Kalrien and his lover, Eyvene, before the Siege.

Though devastated by the loss of his parents, Kalrienfound solace in the Light and one of its most assiduous believers, a priest assigned to his unit named Eyvene. Though Kalrien had reservations in matters of faith, he found her devotion and charisma magnetic. He thrived as he would debate her for hours over anything from existential matters to Silvermoon's best soup. Over the years, they developed a ruefully combative friendship and, in turn, a fiery love. Their arguments were heated and frequent, but that passion filled the emptiness in his life.

Decades of happiness slipped by quickly like sand through open fingers, their beauty ephemeral and ineffable. Eversong's eternal summer could not, however, hold out against the enveloping darkness. When the Scourge invaded, Kalrien's unit was among the many assigned to guard the mooncrystal at An'telas. Though the men and women of hisunit fought hard, each of their number who fell soon rose anew as a servant of the Damned.

At the head of the Scourge battalion Kalrien faced was a pale, gaunt necromancer whose eyes seethed with hatred for the living. Heedless of his own safety, Kalrien made headway to a vantage from which his could easily shoot the darkweaver. This, however, left him equally exposed to necromancer's dark magics. Just as he was about to loose a flaming arrow towards the necromancer, a burst of necrotic energy gripped his body, temporarily paralyzing him. Before the necromancer could claim his life, however, Eyvene extinguished her own light to shield Kalrien from harm. Kalrien watched, an invisible, silent bystander as the Necromancer stole Eyvene's last breath and raised her in the Scourge's image. The necromancer's seething red eyes would haunt his nightmares for years.

Though he survived Quel'Thalas' fall in body, the idealistic, young, patriotic Kalrien died with Eyvene. To him, she had represented not only the Light, but all semblances of stability and family that remained. Kalrien tried to fall back in rank with Silvermoon's reclamation, but he could no longer be a cog, a disposable body for some 'greater good.' For a while, he maintained his post as a Farstrider, fending off Troll incursions and Scourge remnants. However, as the Horde formed and brought the Blood Elves into its fold, Kalrien saw an opportunity to escape the land which haunted him with its ghostly beauty and shattered dreams.

Mercenary Life Edit

WoWScrnShot 112115 120703

Kalrien in mercenary attire.

After giving notice, he vacated his post and traveled south to the Undercity. He soon established himself as a bow for hire, and in a land rife with problems, a mercenary of his pedigree was sought after. He began locally, helping to address the Scarlet Crusade's threat, before moving towards the Plaguelands to fend off the ever-growing tides of Scourge. As word of his precision and brutality spread, Kalrien’s network expanded throughout Azeroth.

Of particular note was his consulting with the Horde Expedition. Stationed primarily in the Howling Fjord and the Grizzly Hills, Kalrien's assignment was to cut off the Scourge from its coastal allies as the bulk of Azeroth's forces descended upon Icecrown. Tenuous relations with the Alliance complicated his mission in the Grizzly Hills while the Vrykul loomed over the frigid Howling Fjord, but his excellent paycheck saw that he persevered. As enemies struggled to remain dead in the frigid North, Kalrien adopted rifles in favor of longbows; he found explosive bullets concluded assignments with grim finality. Since that time, he has abandoned the bow for the rifle.

Though the bulk of Azeroth's forces left Northrend after the Lich King's fall, Kalrien stayed behind. The Horde's remaining forces were spread thin defending its outposts from the treacherous continent's threats, and Kalrien saw an opportunity to make a pretty penny. Though he would admit it, Kalrien's motives went deeper than profit; in killing Scourge he recaptured some hint of righteousness that he had lost in Silvermoon's fall. He would chase that feeling with reckless abandon.

Realizing Revenge Edit

Once his tenure in Northrend ended, purposelessness overwhelmed Kalrien. In the absence of activity, an old hatred bubbled; he a had a score left unsettled. Using his vast network of sources and former employers, Kalrien tracked the Necromancer responsible for Eyven's death by his most distinguishable features; his uncharacteristically blazing red eyes. His sources identified the necromancer as a former mage once known as Isthilas. He was an early convert to the Cult of the Damned and had, as far as his sources could determine, survived the Lich King's fall. He had last been seen in Icecrown.

After hiring a paladin and a priest from the Horde Expedition's remnants, his party ventured deep into Icecrown, tracking him to the Fleshwerks. However, Isthilas mounted a surprise assault, quickly disposing of Kalrien's companions and leaving him unconscious to die from frostbite. The frigid North would have taken his life that day but for Argent Crusade dispatch happening upon him. The unit brought him to the Tournament Grounds, where a small contingent of the Crusade remained. There, he was nursed back to health, and in exchange, he culled a small resurgence of nearby cultist activity.

On the hunt once more, Kalrien managed to track Isthilas to the Eastern Plaguelands. He had taken residence in a Plaguewood ziggurat and had began amassing a small force. Taking no chances, Kalrien enlisted a force of eight paid mercenaries and three Argent Dawn volunteers to take him down. While the bulk of his forces frontally assaulted the Necromancer's base, Kalrien stalked his prey within the ziggurat. Though Isthilas struck the first blow, Kalrien had strengthened his resistance to necrotic magic through repeated exposure, and managed to recover. The tissue surrounding Kalrien's eyes was horribly burned, but he emerged victorious, igniting an oil-soaked arrow to destroy the Necromancer's wretched remains.

His revenge realized, a great weight left Kalrien. However, momentary elation soon gave way to profound emptiness. He had lost himself amid his quest for vengeance, and on its conclusion was left asking, "Who am I?" Ennui and guilt guided his footsteps back to his homeland, Quel'Thalas. In rejoining Sin'dorei society, he hopes to rediscover the idealistic, patriotic young boy he once was, or at least what fragments of him remained. The search for that Kalrien continues as he embraces his role as a Sunguard Emberward.

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