Journey to Stratholme is the second book in the Farstrider's Apprentice series. It was written by Farstrider Sym Brightarrow and published a year after The Farstrider's Apprentice. The Darkest Night was published a year later.

Plot summary Edit

On a special mission for the Sunfury, Alyndor and his friend Haeldryn come across their friend Alysia the rogue’s apprentice as she tries to defend her fallen master. Jumping in Alyndor and Haeldryn fight off waves of the undead before a final wave, lead by a necromancer named Reln Darkwhisper, overwhelms them and takes Alysia's master away.

Alysia explains her Master was delivering a message to the King when they had been attacked by the undead. Alyndor and Heldryn offer to help Alysia go and save her Master. Following the tracks the undead left behind their journey takes them far from the beaten path to the ruined and desolate city of Stratholme.

Characters Edit

  • Alyndor : The Farstrider's Apprentice
  • Haeldryn : Warlock Apprentice, helping Alyndor while his Master is away.
  • Eve'lyn : The Farstrider.
  • Geldor : Farstrider and former apprentice of Eve'lyn, helping to teach Haeldryn while his Master is away
  • Amadaeus 'Rock me' Shadowcraft : Alysia's Rogue master. A true master of subtlety.
  • The King : King of Quel'thalas
  • Kor'deth : Evil Undead who's plotting to destroy the Farstriders.
  • Ghouls : Undead working under Kor'deth
  • Necromancer Reln Darkwhisper : A necormancer working beneath Kor'deth.
  • Other undead: San'layan, Death Knights, Evil eyes

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