Ithanar Islesun
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Place of Birth

Northwestern Quel'thalas


Spellbreaker (former)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
House of Islesun


Nevaen Islesun (father, deceased)
Ildrielen Islesun (sister)
Ithaerin Islesun (brother)
Vynthius Vilesun (brother)
Iltheria Islesun (daughter, deceased)



Ithanar Islesun is a Blood Elf soldier, former Spellbreaker, and member of the Thalassian militia known as the Sunguard.

With nearly four centuries of combat experience under his belt, the old elf has recently returned to the front lines to assist with the war effort against the Burning Legion. He currently serves with Sunspear Battalion and holds the rank of Lightward.

He also is the head of the House of Islesun, a smaller noble house with ties to the Farstriders.


Rather tall and broad in stature, Ithanar is still in good shape despite injuries suffered through centuries of fighting for Silvermoon.

He appears well equipped for spending long stretches of time in heavy plate. Despite his time in the military, he holds himself a bit casually, often keeping a closed fist perched on a hip or with folded arms over his chest.

His lips are often curled in a frown, or sometimes even an outright scowl, moreso out of annoyance than anything else; this only accentuates his slightly hawkish features. The old elf, as expected, does sport a variety of scars, bumps, and bruises but often hides them, except for a certain few that do cross his face.

Ithanar favors a wardrobe of less revealing clothing, often wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers when off duty. He does have a few tattoos left over from his days as a Spellbreaker, but they appear to be inert. The most prominent and easily noticeable of these markings is a network of interlocking circles which run up and down the inside and outside of his right arm, runes inscribed on the inside of each circle.

However, his older markings are overlapped by a seemingly new series of tattoos that appear to be tendrils of fel green built in an intricate pattern; the origin and purpose of these is unknown.


Early YearsEdit

Born four minutes before his twin sister Ildrielen, Ithanar enjoyed a rather quiet and peaceful childhood. His time was split between the island off the northwestern coast of Quel’Thalas and his family’s winter home in Silvermoon City, where he received the bulk of his education and schooling from tutors often utilized by other noble families.

Quiet, composed, and almost introspective as a youth, Ithanar initially appeared more interested in academic fields such as mathematics and runecrafting but his interests eventually swerved to more martial and militaristic fields.

He and his mother had several quarrels over his wishes to join King Anasterian Sunstrider’s army, as she wished for him to join the Farstriders given the family’s long-standing relationship with that organization. However, she eventually relented and gave him permission to enlist.

Military CareerEdit


Returning to ServiceEdit

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