Ithanar Islesun





Place of Birth

Northwestern Quel'thalas


Spellbreaker (former)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
House of Islesun


Nevaen Islesun (father) †
Idaena Islesun (mother)
Ildrielen Islesun (sister)
Ithaerin Islesun (brother)
Vynthius Vilesun (brother)
Tanrae Tal'shiel (wife) †
Iltheria Islesun (daughter) †
† = deceased



Ithanar Islesun is a Blood Elf soldier, former Spellbreaker, and member of the Thalassian militia known as the Sunguard.

Having returned to service during the war against the Burning Legion, the older elf has participated in a variety of conflicts with the Sunguard and currently holds the rank of Dawnward. 


Tall and broad in stature, Ithanar still appears to be in good shape despite various injuries suffered over previous centuries. In most circles, he still is considered rather handsome or attractive despite the wear and tear.

He appears well equipped for spending long stretches of time in heavy plate. Despite his time in the military, he holds himself a bit casually, often keeping a closed fist perched on a hip or with folded arms over his chest.

His lips are often curled in a frown, or sometimes even an outright scowl, moreso out of annoyance than anything else. Such a look only accentuates facial features which deviate between hawkish and broad, skirting the spectrum. A variety of old scars, bumps, and bruises also mark his features, some more noticeable than others, while a full head of silver-to-off-white hair graces his shoulders. Sometimes, he ties it back but rarely.

Ithanar favors a wardrobe of less revealing clothing, often wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers when off duty, but he often is in armor. The older elf does have a few tattoos left over from his days as a Spellbreaker, but they appear to be inert. The most prominent and easily noticeable of these markings is a network of interlocking circles which run up and down the inside and outside of his right arm, inert runes inscribed on the inside of these circles.

When speaking, his is voice is low and gravelly and his diction is simple and easy to comprehend.


Early YearsEdit

Born four minutes after his twin sister, Ithanar enjoyed a rather peaceful childhood. His time was split between the island off the northwestern coast of Quel’thalas and his family’s winter home in Silvermoon City, where he received the bulk of his education and schooling from tutors often employed by other noble families.

Quiet and almost introspective as a youth, Ithanar initially appeared more interested in academic fields such as mathematics and runecrafting but his interests eventually swerved to more martial and militaristic fields.

He and his mother had several quarrels over his wishes to join King Anasterian Sunstrider’s army, as she wished for him to join the Farstriders given the family’s long-standing relationship with that organization. However, she eventually relented and gave Ithanar permission to enlist.

Military CareerEdit

Like many who had enlisted with Silvermoon’s military, Ithanar went through basic training and passed; he was soon placed in a unit as an infantryman and patrolled the borders of the kingdom. Even during peacetime, the threat of the fallen Amani Empire and other incursions from creatures such as gnolls still remained.

Over time, Ithanar garnered various accolades for his service but his rise to a position of leadership came after he filled in for his injured superior and led his unit to a bloody but decisive victory over a rather ferocious trio of Amani chieftains in southern Quel’Thalas who had invaded a rather large township. His actions earned him a permanent promotion to the leader of his unit, which he accepted.

Such actions in the vein of the Amani chieftains’ takeover proved to be a prelude to a rise in Amani activity across the region, resulting in a variety of bloody conflicts on the borders of Quel’Thalas. Ithanar and his unit were quick to leap into the fray, offering assistance where they could whether that was north, south, east, or west.

Word of Ithanar’s success caught the ear of a group of decorated soldiers and mages who found themselves on the verge of an important breakthrough. Having mixed martial skill with magic, they had begun research into what would eventually become formally known as “spellbreaking”. They extended an invitation to the young soldier to learn from them; he eventually accepted their offer after spurning them on multiple occasions.

Ithanar began his tutelage under the watchful eye of Tanrae Tal’shiel and showed a talent for spellbreaking that was surprising even to him. He trained with the woman for many months, gaining and earning her respect and friendship, before eventually returning to lead his unit after another surge in Amani activity.

Years of war and peace passed. Ithanar eventually gave leadership of his unit to his second-in-command to his comrade Hatharion Brightreave and returned to Silvermoon to finish his training in the art of spellbreaking under Tanrae.

Being A SpellbreakerEdit

Having graduated from being her student, Ithanar and Tanrae agreed upon a partnership and worked together as teachers for a new generation of spellbreakers, both from the Magisterium and Silvermoon’s military. They also assisted with the latter’s efforts against recurring Amani incursions, which proved the perfect place to practice and refine their skills.

In addition, Ithanar found himself traveling to Dalaran frequently to test their younger mages and offer instruction on handling more advanced magics. During this time, he met the mage Qeren Brightmantle; the two became very fond of each other and developed a relationship that would last for years, another impetus for the spellbreaker to visit the Violet Citadel.

Such activities went on for years, but not without consequence. Ithanar and Tanrae’s partnership eventually blossomed into a relationship, which they were able to successfully keep hidden and away from their professional lives. After receiving a blessing from both families, the two wed in secret in the spring and eventually had a child, a girl named Iltheria.

In the years following Iltheria’s birth, Ithanar and Tanrae continued to work with the Magisterium, Silvermoon’s military, and the Spellbreakers. When the orcish Horde spilled forth from the Dark Portal and attacked the Kingdom of Stormwind, the pair advocated for assisting their allies; their wish came true during the Second War when the Horde attempted to invade Quel’Thalas.

As they had always been, the pair were in the front lines, leading a unit of Spellbreakers and mages in dispatching Horde warlocks, sorcerers, and ogre-magi. Their attempts proved vital in the attempts to beat and push back the orc and Amani troll invaders.

Following the war, Ithanar decided to fully retire from active service.

Retirement and LossEdit

The SunguardEdit