Ithaerin Islesun





Place of Birth

Northwestern Quel'thalas


Reliquary Agent
Mage (former)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Silvermoon Reliquary
House of Islesun
Magistrate (former)


Ithanar Islesun (brother)
Ildrielen Islesun (sister)
Vynthius Vilesun (brother)



Ithaerin Islesun is a Blood Elf thief, artifact collector, and former mage.

Having grown up studying the arcane arts, a failed experiment led to Ithaerin leaving the Magistrate and eventually ending up in the underworld of black market trade in Quel’Thalas.

At some point in time, Ithaerin entered into the service of the Silvermoon Reliquary and now utilizes his connections and skills searching for ancient relics and artifacts.


Ithaerin cuts a lean figure, much like his older sister, and often is adorned in leathers made for more covert activities or lavish robes, tunics, and trousers fitting someone with some fair amount of financial wealth. He appears rather pleasant and charming often with a stance best described as “welcoming”, hands raised, arms extended.

He has the same hawkish facial features other Islesun family members possess, though he seems to pay the most attention to such features.

It’s rather obvious Ithaerin focuses on maintenance and keeping himself well groomed, with a long mane of ruly off-white hair; he does tie that up in a ponytail from time to time for more grueling work.

If Ithaerin is armed, he does well to hide it but some have mentioned seeing some rather strange and exotic instruments or appliances on his person, some magical and others mundane. It’s safe to assume that they are part of his work with the Silvermoon Reliquary, which can sometimes delve into dark and mysterious places.


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