Ironclaw Bolt Throwers are the primary siege weapon of the thalassian regiment known as the Sunguard. They are highly versatile, extremely reliable, and with expert hands, extremely deadly. They have strengths over traditional black powder cannons or weapons due to their light weight and resistance to misfires.

The Crimson Fleet often prefers bolt throwers over cannons due to their increased range and ability to chain ships in place. They are easier to repair when damaged as they do not require metal smiting. They do not however have the capability to fire in a battery. Given the thalassian design to favor speed and handling over defenses, this works to the elves favor.

Ironclaw Bolt Throwers can fire a variety of missile types including chained shots, penetrating shots, and explosive shots. Crews for the siege weapons usually number between 5-12 soldiers and squads of artillery normally number between 2-5.

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