In Triumph, Death Edit

In the heart stopping finale of A. bitterale's trilogy and continuing from Have Violent Ends , tough gangster and thief, Verenis Derlyn returns to Silvermoon, where danger and an old beautiful flame awaits. Verenis begins to extract his bloody vengeance on his old gang. In the span of a single day, he penetrates the heart of his gang's stronghold, is kidnapped, escapes, then worms his way into the darkest corners of Murder Row. V erenis keeps his dagger in hand as he meticulously takes down his old gang one by one until only his former Boss remains. Verenis doesn't hesitate to use everything he has to outsmart at every turn any number of would-be assassins.

Before the day is out Verenis corners his former boss on a windsept beach, voming face-to-face with his old flame, the lovely and murderous Quithen. It is there he must finally confront a series of shocking turths, not just about others but, above all, himself as well.

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