The Antediluvian


Sin'dorei (Highbourne)



Place of Birth:

Shar'delam Alcázar, Zin-Azshari, Kalimdor

Noble House(s):

House Moonsorrow
House Shar'delam
House Sha'seri

Government Station(s):

Magistrate Councillor of Justice and Homeland Affairs

Military Unit:


Military Rank:


Civilian Occupation(s):

Madame Raven of the Night Terrace


The New Horde
The Kingdom of Quel'thalas
The Sunguard
The Silvermoon Magistrate

Older than even the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas itself and all the peerage created in it's shaping, Iluceria Navonne Silverarrow neé Moonsorrow, is a woman who has seen centuries come and go- Kings and Queens come and gone and the world molded by it's ever constant battles. A stalwart protector of the Kingdom and all of it's people the woman serves both as a Military asset to the Sunguard and as a Government official- her office the head of the Justice Department within the Magistrate and it's chambers.

Never hesitating to act when needed Iluceria is known for her stark sense of justice and order.

Appearance Edit

The woman known as Iluceria Moonsorrow was a grim and severe reminder of the trails history had lead the Blood Elves down, a stiffly poised and noble woman enveloped by the coalescing touches of fel magic that burned her eyes and scarred the skin in small spider webs around them.

The naturally dusky skin seemed utterly bathed in sunlight and patches of faint freckles painted themselves lightly on her razor sharp cheekbones and just across the aquiline nose.  Often she wore touches of a golden blush on her heart shaped face and her full, plump lips were painted a warmly toned red and the almond shaped, heavily lidded eyes were lined with dark kohl and the thick eyelashes gaze her stare a natural smolder. It was of course the glowing chartreuse color that shocked most, more yellow than green and described as if her eyes were no more than a pool of color themselves.

Her wavy hair fell around the edges of her face and down her back just passed her shoulders, softening it the sharpness of her cheeks and lightly squared jaw only so much. The voluminous chocolate color was so dark it may have appeared black and in the right light and one might've noticed the underlying red tones. Her lengthy and point ears split the sea of hair and on their edges existed a series of small golden studs decorated with singular emeralds or rubies, some carnelian- and at the lobe were simply two enlarged hoops that sometimes shone through. While she wore no facial piercings her neck was wrapped nearly six times in small braided golden necklaces and a single chain dipped low to her chest with a crystal pendant that glowed a sickening green.

From there one might've caught sight of her sloping shoulders and the visible collarbones and taken note of the spattered freckles on them as well as parts of upper back. Her chest although wide did not carry a large bosom, modest at best, and she seemed to show no illusion to change that. Rather she wore clothing that pinched in her waist and gave a dramatic effect as her wide, waspish hips flared out and her thick thighs and legs supported her absolutely. Where she lacked in chest she more than made up for with her well endowed posterior and to no ones shock she often wore clothing to show off this fact well.

Yet she was not without flaw and Iluceria bore reminders of her chosen path, on the underside of her arms a series of white scars seemed to exist in webs, self inflicted knife wounds, and her palms were left with burn tissue from with may've been the mishandling of fire or boiling liquid. Her clawlike nails were painted blood red and the skin at her finger tips seemed stained slightly- a symbol burned into her right wrist had been tattooed to make it clearer and to anyone who saw it, they may've realized it was an ancient arcane rune... a make once possessed by the Sunfury Agents in Outland.

Personality Edit

An enigma in truth Iluceria's behavior and attitude changed as her company waned and waxed, as people themselves responded when in her presence.

Most observe her as a charming woman with a jovial smile and a preference for informal company, one who employs wit and patience as means to create a self satisfactory surrounding. Absolute decadence in dress, food and drink- even in sex and showering gifts on a whim was not beyond her when she saw fit to do so. The friends, acquaintances and family often given present were awarded objects more powerful or expensive than their own fortunes and no expenses spared. This giving display can be seen as a touch of her Highbourne arrogance and at the same time confidence in her fortune and position, and once or twice some sought to take advantage naively- the result was disastrous for all parties involved and Iluceria's gain was thrice over.

Yet for all this grandiosity and hedonism her appearance in the Magistrate chambers often wrought fear into the heart of any who encountered her, even in passing. Calculating and quick she was a woman who tolerated no faults and demanded the Justice be served perfectly and wholly. Severe and to the point no trial was ever done under her watch where there wasn't absolute satisfaction and her Judges were hand picked with great care, these unbiased and dutiful individuals upholding her standard of Law.

Worse yet on the battle field where she employed tactical thought and observance, her hubris only getting the better of her once or twice, but striving always to preserve her allies and fellow men and women this self sacrificing Witch was always one of the first to act to save another. Some have seen her sweeping loyalty and devotion to the slaughter as frightening, her notoriety being her 'take no prisoners' preferences and willingness to execute any enemy or ally who had surrendered on the basis of disloyalty and treason. When kept in check this behavior is more secluded and unseen, and voiced privately after incident.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Iluceria would learn much later in her life that her birth was nothing more than the duty of her mother, Laevani Moonsorrow, after having been arranged to marry Dal'zer Shar'delam. A child that, had she been a son, would've carried on the patriarchal lineage of House Shar'delam; but as she was born a female, her service in life would be little more than married off as a bargaining chip in the great game of Houses. Yet childhood was bittersweet for her, while Laevani did not love the girl, she cared. Therefore she saw to making sure that Iluceria had the finest of educational tutors, clothing, jewelry, toys, food, and whatever else she'd have want for- switching possessions and education for true maternal love. Dal'zer himself only added to the spoiling and had no problem lavishing his daughter with the full power and fortune of his estate- often allowing her to visit Court and sit among the Nobles of Zin-Azshari in observance of politics.

These indulgences and her early exposure to the court prompted an inspired and romantic view of the great game and a false sense of security with her position in it. Often she would utilize other children as means to collect information, mimicking the manipulative tendencies of her mother and father and doing her best to create a circle of supposed friends, until she spoke on what she knew to her mother. Laevani realized that it was very likely Iluceria would be entirely too sloppy and more so that children are unreliable or too easy to be caught, thus began the most important early lesson she could have- what happens if you lose or succumb to the game of houses. Iluceria noted her circle, within weeks, had shortened and months after a family was removed from court and sent to their estate near Isildien where they would seemingly vanish. Society went on, time continued- but Iluceria remembered the result of collecting rumors and information without skill.

A Changing Time Edit

Not long into her adulthood the courts grew unstable, Azshara's militant guards began sweeping through the collective Magisters, Alchemists, and Arcanists of Zin-Azshari. Some were invited to the Queen's palace itself as members of her elite group- the Shen'dralar and others sent to the secluded study halls all around the world where they would vanish from society. Dark rumors surfaced that these inferior men and women were killed out of inability to be useful to the Light of Lights. At barely 300 years old she was already practiced and adept in magic yet not enough to be noticed which prompted great strides for her to learn more spells and at a faster and exhausting pace, multiple tutors and lessons throughout the day and constant practice until she was so fatigued she'd pass out. However none of her work paid off and she failed to float into the radar of the Queen she'd grown ever so wanting of, so loyal to. Adolescent bitterness lead her to spitefully continue as she was in attempts not to be noticed; but now to be better than those picked by the Queen and the Shen'dralar Council.

Historically speaking it was not at all hard to guess where next the Queen's drive for power would take her people. After being contacted by Sargeras and the Demonic forces of the Burning Legion the Queen's Court became abuzz with business and power exchanges, her Shen'dralar forced to work so often and for so long that at times they often passed out in their labs and halls where they worked. Iluceria found herself ensnared in the web, an apprentice to a Shen'dralar Magister who specialized in conjuration, she often spent long hours toiling in translation of the Demonic languages and ancient runes and magics that were needed. Whether or not it was intended from the beginning she began practicing in what little time she had and within mere weeks of her first few lessons she'd managed to acquire her very own Imp and Felhound... the two creatures both kept hidden from her master.

Over the period of years she found herself among the Magisters (and as an adept Courtesan to the Palace), not as an equal, but as one of their most well known underlings. She went from one to the other for work and study as well as to best assist them in their rabid desires to please the Light of Lights. Still contented inside her own head to make herself better than them, she gave up sleep for extended times of practice and study, nights where she would drift into half states of wakefulness and find herself allured by a voice she thought she could recognize; one that seemed to fill her head with new ideas and tales of her future greatness. Eventually it was discovered that she was among the earliest Witches to summon the lesser Demons- placing her in the direct line of fire by those Shen'dralar who were unable. Caught in the power plays now she was pitted against others and rigorously forced to constantly proved her value as both a Shen'dralar Witch and an upcoming name in the Courts of Zin-Azshari.

However like all things, Azshara came under political fire from the world when she dared try to open the portal to draw Sargeras into the world. Iluceria and many others had been caught up in the web-weaving of their Queen but unlike her most loyal, Iluceria turned quickly and joined the Highbourne that turned against their previous mistress. Using the power of her own Demons and the rampany fel magic she'd drawn in during her time in Court she was regarded as a vicious and hellish fighter without mercy. As one of the luckiest ones to survive she was taken by the Wardens for her usage of fel and demon magics and put to trial. Demanding the right of trial by combat she fought a Warden toe to toe with a glaive and successfully after a lengthy period of time- earned her victory and release, wherein she fled to rejoin the other Highbourne survivors and discovered that a ban had been placed on magic. Taking part in the display of power she and her others were exiled, thus provoking them to sail and to try to find new lands.

For Iluceria it was a chance to rebuild her base of power.

The New Kingdom Edit

While they did not settle in Tirisfal the Elves did land there and Iluceria upon touching ground began collecting samples of latent area magics for study. Numerous things provoked them to leave the area- whispering voices, shadows moving, the unnatural feel of the magic in the area... and most of all disappearances that seemed sparse but noticeable. Traveling north through wild territory they fought Trolls and beasts- passing beyond Zul'aman they eventually settled just near the sea and began slowly building their soon to be city. When Silvermoon City was built finally it had been a vast effort and many had grown tired and weary from the numerous Troll incursions. The Sunstrider family rose to prestige and eventually their nobilities and people began to slowly flourish. These newly formed High Elves rising and shaping the area- setting runestones and small villages... the beginning steps of what was now Silvermoon City.

Iluceria who aided in the building and financially supported the growing Kingdom of Quel'thalas, was named among the Magisters and she, bitter at the fact she had not been made into the Conclave, began undertaking steps to assure herself as one of the Councillors who would assist the Conclave. Setting herself first as a Courtesan among the Night Terrace she began to manipulate numerous other Magisters slowly and with a soft hand. Her mother, Laevani, still held the position of Matriarch of House Moonsorrow and saw fit to advise her daughter one more about her activities- including the acceptance of a proposal by a Rhosiele D'Anastasis. The man was a Magister and Conclave advisor, the first in line for the next seat- making him the most eligible bachelor for any woman. Rhosiele had proposed that the D'Anastasis and Shar'delam territories be merged and that they should marry to secure themselves... Iluceria gaining notoriety and Rhosiele gaining a wife who bore ancient blood and a direct association with the former Court.

Others proposed similar but Rhosiele proved to be determined and pursued her aggressively, eventually winning her over and holding a wedding wherein he invited her prior suitors and had them sign a contract that none of them would ever try to harm him or his bloodline- and that should anything happen they should seek vengeance against the man who enacted it. Amused but settled she began a three thousand year long relationship with a man who saw fit to abuse her trust, body and mind- all to further his own goals and 'keep her in order'. People took notice when she withdrew from her position as Courtesan briefly, more so when she would use magic to decorate and cover her bruises and body- her speech too became infrequent and Laevanii expressed numerous concerns. 

Yet Silvermoon flourished, and so too did her power base grow, for all the harm that came to her motivated a dark desire in her, and she began seeking her previous suitors and friends. Like a spider she wove them stories and truths, began positioning them and working her venom and malice. House Autumnveil fell first, the Lord poisoned and his wife left grieving, sickly and heavy with a child she would likely not survive the birth of- Iluceria soon was seen side by side with her. Often the pair were addressed as lovers in private and Iluceria became the god-mother to the unborn child. Had anything happen to Leigne, her child would've been directly under custody and control of Iluceria herself... until adulthood. Leigne sympathized with Luce's marriage however and the problems in it, working to assist her by approaching the Courts and acting as a witness to the brutalities suffered when she sought divorce.

Prior of course to the divorce Iluceria discovered she was pregnant, this prompted worry as Rhosiele suddenly turned from bad to probably the best he'd been in years. Tender and always courteous, in public, he began flaunting her condition and doing his best to work it into conversation that the pair would give birth to a child soon. Yet all did not go accounted for when Iluceria produced a daughter, Alleise Rosalva, and Leigne Autumnveil gave birth to a daughter as well (named Vandiele). Rhosiele's time had been spent striving for a son and now denied he resumed the cruelty to both mother and daughter that he'd shown them before. For almost two hundred years Leigne pressured Iluceria into doing what was best for her daughter, something Iluceria often fought for, the woman finally snapped and urged Alleise away into an academy where she would learn to be a Spellbreaker. Further angered at his daughter's independence and now her desires, Rhosiele confronted Iluceria and attacked her one last time.

Leigne Autumnveil herself interfered and sprang in front of an icelance meant for Iluceria, pierced in the heart she died in her friend's arms and became the catalyst for over three thousand years of rage. It was said that she did not slay Rhosiele there but rather had him arrested and when the Magister opted to be tried by combat she allowed for Lady Vandiele Autumnveil to enter the arena and kill Rhosiele with a pair of daggers made from the enchanted ice that's pierced her own mother's heart.

All of society took notice when she did not mourn or hold a funeral- rather his body was cast to the sea carelessly.

Blood and Ink Edit

Another few thousand years down the line Iluceria received a message from a man claiming to be her great-great grandson, Tanaever Thori'alah, saying that her heresy had not gone unnoticed and that she would be tried for the murders and evils that she'd committed. Contented to see the young man she hunted him down and found him amidst the Scarlets alongside his mother, Irae, and even her once daughter- Alleise. The trio were paladins of a certain strength and occupied the Inquisitorial forces, when confronted by her all three stared long and horrified at her before attempting to strike her down. While she escaped with only a few scratched it was Tanaever who suffered, having his throat torn up by the clawed hands of her Wrathguard: Khil-Tarash. Irae's furious screams were silence when in pursuit of the woman she found herself alone and in front of Iluceria who'd intentionally separated them.

Irae died the same way as her son, except at the hands of Iluceria herself, and Iluceria returned to find Khil-Tarash and Alleise locked in battle, interfering to save the pair Iluceria was faced with her not only the grief she'd caused her daughter but the realization that she was the cause for the initial madness in the woman's mind. Sorrowed at her discovery she tried to talk Alleise down and it seemed to work- until the Paladin shoved her light infused sword into Iluceria's abdomen and found herself beheaded by the Wrathguard.

Returning Iluceria as quickly as he could to medical staff, she lived, but only after breaking her first soulstone and thus prompting a rise in the awakening of the suppressed demonic energies she'd once absorbed. Renewed and further tainted, her eyes began to rapidly scar and smolder- claws grew in where nails had once been. In silence she turned to the Night-Touched Peaks and Quel'thalas' Magistrate- her suffering only wrought further as Vandiele was slain when the Scourge marched upon Quel'thalas in the hunt for the Sunwell. Convinced she would only suffer further if she stayed idle, the woman bought out the rest of her contract with the Night Terrace and began acting as an independent Courtesan and the Terrace's very own, Madame Raven. Enraptured by the mix of politics and satisfaction she continued until it reached her ears that the militia known as the Sunguard required persons for their units.

Contented to try combat she joined them, soon proving not only that she was battle confident but long tested by the time that had passed before her eyes. Swearing loyalty she merely stayed, waited and watched- eagerly participating where needed.

Duty and Honor Edit

Her time in the Sunguard took her to prominence and a quick rise in rankings. As a Suncaster she served directly beneath command of Ikanis Blazewind who, in turn, answered to the Archon Felthier Truefeather. As she made the steady climb to Dawnward she joined the organization in numerous affairs and battles- particularly against the residual Amani Trolls which still existed in the vast reaches of Quelthalas. Her service record includes:

Act 1: Invasion of the Emberlight

  • Battle of Heartsong Village
  • Battle of Blacksun Gate
  • Battle of Dawnbreaker Anchorage

Act 2: Invasion of Zul Aman

  • Landing in the Diremoor
  • Battle of Zul’Gamni
  • Confronting the Twins
  • Battle of the Ziggurat

Act 3: Invasion of the Dawnspire

  • Siege of Oakhall
  • Battle of Sundial Anchorage
  • Battle of the Watch Towers
  • Battle of the Dawnspire Citadel

Battle of the Whispering Woods

  • Frostfire Campaign
  • Intercepting the Iron Horde Emissary
  • Defending the Frostwolves
  • Battle of Thunderlord Pass
  • Battling the Ice Maggaronn
  • Battling the Fire Maggaronn
  • Squelching the Shattered Hand
  • Smashing the Iron Horde

Talador Campaign

  • Battle of the Spire of Light
  • Battle of Shattrath Bridges
  • Battle of Talador
  • Battle of the Outer Vale
  • Skirmish in the Temple of Belore
  • Battle of the Outer Vale

Spires of Blood Campaign

  • Ambush of the Adherents
  • Saving the Saberon
  • Defeating the Fire-God

Act IV: The Winter of Woe

  • Battle of the Hungering Crypt pt 1
  • Dwarven Diplomacy
  • Battle of the Hungering Crypt pt 2
  • Battle of Dor Surma
  • Siege of Kaer Moarn
  • Dungeons of Kaer Baldon
  • Battle of Mistriver
  • Battle at the Altar
  • Siege of Dor Suma

With all of these battles and campaigns under her belt it was safe to say the woman had collected a degree of notoriety for her cruel tactics and stark sense of justice- most particularly during the latter of her service years during the return to Northrend. While in Northrend and fighting the Bleeding Eye, a faction of Scourge, the woman saw the rise of Abigail Reddings as an Argent Commander and the near devastation of her unit as the woman decreed that 'dark' magic would be forbidden and punishable: as a Blood Mage, she was a walking violation of this rule. Forced into relative secrecy she retreated to the outlier camps and remained hidden until she contacted a friend within the Crusade, Aneatria Dawnwing, to escort her back to Quel'thalas for the time being as she was required to attend several Magistrate related trials. While she regretted her decision to leave briefly she understood that as a Justice she was required to attend these trials for the betterment of Quel'thalas and her people- all seven murderers were hung and she contacted her sister-in-law, the Duchess Mirava Del'var right away to travel back to Northrend aboard one of her personal vessels.

Admiral Harlin Silverarrow personally sailed the Interceptor that took her back to the winter land and during their time at sea the two flourished an affair and relationship that saw them politically entangled. The Admiral promised to wait for her return, as he would bring her home, and stayed near in the waters hunting pirates or escorting ships with supplies. Iluceria herself returned to combat for 6 or 7 months and during a battle she suffered grievous wounds and was forced medically to withdrawal entirely from the campaign- Harlin sweeping her up with Mirava in attendance and the trio forced to go to Sel'belore where the Duchess could attend her sister in laws wounds.

Blood and WineEdit

When the vessel landed in Sel'belore the Duchess had Iluceria taken to the medical facilities where she was not only physically healed but given time near a significant energy source to repair what had been magically injured. It was during her recovery that Harlin doted and courted her, eagerly staying by her side and doing his best to see to her absolute comfort. Mirava while weary of the relationship between her cousin and sister-in-law, gave only good blessings and approval when she realized the genuine feeling and intention the pair had. In Sel'belore however the Council that directly answered to Mirava began to show signs of conspircy and rebellion- during her supposed recovery Iluceria was forced to not only fight beside the Duchess and her forces but to actively act as Quel'thalas' agent in the matter. After a period of several months the rebellion was quieted and only two of the Council remained: both loyal to the Duchess. Sel'belore reattached itself fully to Quel'thalas' law and Mirava's position remained- her daughter Setaera inheriting a nearby Barony and Iluceria gladly, in the wake of the bloodshed, marrying Harlin in what was considered the most rush ceremony. 

Mirava bid adieu to her sister-in-law and cousin, the pair returning to the Night Touched Peaks where Iluceria would introduce Harlin to her domain and all the people whom resided in her lands. Formally he'd never been aware of the vastness of her titles and claims and thus was surprised to learn he'd married the Margravine Moonsorrow (as Laevani was a Duchess and Matriarch) and thus the hair apparent to the Night Houses. Harlin refused to take the title as Margrave, which pleased Iluceria, preferring to remain an Admiral amidst Quel'thalas' naval forces. With the aftermath of the Northrend campaign gaving been devastating to the Sunguard as a whole it was a wonder they survived at all and Iluceria, while not formally retreating for duty, began a short hiatus from battle to over see Justice matters for the Magistrate.

Gallery Edit

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