Illitheria Duskrend






Captain of the Crimson Fleet


Dread Captain


The Crimson Fleet
The Sunguard
North Sea Pirates(Formerly)


Chaotic Neutral



Captain Illitheria Duskrend known by some as the Crimson Petal, is a former North Sea Pirate and Captain of the Royal Thalassian Navy. She was known to have served with distinction during the Second War. She is renowned as a formidable soldier of great prowess with a saber and holds a strong calm command while at sea. Her ship, The Prancing Lion, is a stolen Human Brigantine born birthed in Stormwind City.

She is known for her dark almond skin and bright blonde hair. The shape of her eyes hint at an ancestry that is not completely elven. There are rumors that her mother was a courtesan, and Illitheria does not publicly acknowledge a father, which most likely means she is a bastard.

Life of Piracy Edit

Following the Second War, Illitheria took her Captain's commission and formed her own Merchant Trading Company. Disheartened with contracts being given favor to those of noble blood, she began her own private war against any of those born within the Thalassian Peerage.

Following the destruction of Quel'Thalas, Illitheria chose to instead turn herself over to a far more lucrative profession of piracy. She spent the better part of a decade robbing merchant ships bound from Quel'Thalas to Kalimdor or Azeroth. She was able to recruit several other pirate captains and ruffians from Sundial Anchorage and add them into her budding fleet.

When the Sunguard came to power within the Dawnspire, she found her fleet at odds with the newly formed Crimson Fleet. After a series of bloody battles, Illitheria knew that the admiralty would soon capture her and overwhelm her forces. Devising a plan, she had her pirates steal the Phoenix Banner of House Truefeather, and use it as a bargaining chip for clemency. Instead, she was offered a position within the Crimson Fleet as long as she serves for twenty years of good behavior. This would forgive her previous life as a pirate as long as she was willing to submit to a public punishment of ten lashes.

She is now a chief captain within the Crimson Fleet.

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