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The Illidari is the faction of Illidan Stormrage, the Lord of Outland, and a specific faction of his army. It consists of various factions that have banded together under Illidan's rule. They are one of the prime enemies of the Alliance and Hordein Outland, the other being the Burning Legion. The Betrayer commands vast armies throughout Outland, and even a few select groups on Azeroth; there are only a few places in the shattered world that are not inhabited by his legions.

After Illidan's death at the Black Temple, many of the survivors were imprisoned by Maiev Shadowsong, along with the corpse of their master. Rallied by Illidari demon hunters and other remaining leaders of Illidan's armies, the Illidari regathered and seized control of the Fel Hammer, a Burning Legion warship, from which they oppose the Burning Legion's invasion of Azeroth and seek out their missing leader.

Composition Edit

The Illidari feature an interesting mix of various races and demons all sworn to Illidan's command. At its core lay three primary races, sin'dorei, naga, broken draenei. Also composed by different types of demons, the Illidari was able to sway a large contingent of demons loyal to Magtheridon after the battle of Hellfire Citadel. These demon legions are particularly made of Nathrezim, Sayaad, Fiends, Felguards, and Satyr.

Before the fall of Black Temple, Illidan was able to command dozens of fel orc tribes once loyal to Magtheridon. These tribes included the remnants of the Shatter Hand, Shadowmoon, Bonechewer, Bleeding Hollow, and Dragonmaw clans. Kargath Bladefist was given command of Hellfire Citadel and was tasked for draining the captured Magtheridon dry of his blood to create more fel orcs for war.

800px-Illidan's forces

Illidan prepares his forces for the Battle of Hellfire Citadel

Forces of the Illidari Edit

Within the Illidari there were dozens of smaller companies of armed forces. Illidan's forces controlled a large swath of land within the Outlands and were able to amass a considerable army. These forces sometimes were referred to Cabals, particularly in covens of Demon Hunters. Some notable Cabals were:

Cabal of the Dying Sun- An elite force of well trained Demon Hunters tasked at routing out corruption within Illidan's ranks. They are particularly effective at fighting Nathrezim. Commanded by Asteryn The Blackheart.

Coilskar Naga- Commanded by Lady S'theno, these powerful naga have retained loyalty to the Illidari despite the upheaval of power and Queen Azshara's renewed conquest. Several lesser nobles of the naga society have rejoined this elite force including Scale-Lord Kaar’dum.

Ashtongue Tribe- Although most tribes of broken draenei have joined Akama in the Black Temple, a small but powerful force have still retained loyalties to the Illidari. Commanded by Battlelord Gaardoun, the Ashtongue serve as enforces, heavy infantry.

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