Idrya Blacksun
By melfias



Place of Birth

Blacksun Gate


Warden of the Blacksun Gate
Lady Blacksun


Dawning Avenger


House of Blacksun
House of Netherstar


Holy Belore


Livynia Blacksun(Daughter)
Celaen Blacksun(Son)
Ellasha Blacksun(Daughter)
Iphrea Blacksun(Daughter)

Lady Idrya Blacksun is the current Warden of the Blacksun Gate and one of the greatest living generals within Quel'Thalas. Her skill in battle is rumored to rival that of Finnistan Truefeather himself. Having lived 1,200 years, Idrya hardly shows any hint of aging and in each passing year, her renown and skills continue to grow. She is a titanic woman whose presence always commands attention, and her appearance on a battlefield is only when truly necessary. 


Lady Idrya is woman of renowned beauty. Having been blessed with the silvery white hair that almost all Blacksun women share, she stands in likeness to the fabled beauties of the ancient Highborne. A warrior by heart, Lady Idrya has a physical musculature of etched marble and a devastating stare of unwavering intensity. Throughout her life, Idrya has learned to master both her physical power and her striking appearance like a weapon.


As the firstborn daughter of Lady Iviya Blacksun, founder of the House of Blacksun, Idrya was expected to assume the position of lordship of the famous Blacksun Gate. From a very early age, she learned the importance of both skill in battle and that of diplomacy. Idrya found both to be equally mastered with ease and took her first husband at the age of one hundred and two. Throughout her long and storied life, Lady Idrya would issue ten children, eight daughters, and two sons and marry four times. Having outlived all of her previous husbands, there are some rumors that she would take a fifth husband, if there were any men of appropriate stature and fame to match her renown.