The House of Voidsunder

Coat of Arms

A crimson phoenix rising over an iron anvil, over a field of blood red.


Effort before Greed


Voidhome - Voidheart

Current Head

Acting Heir Thessenia Voidsunder


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lady of Void


Feyise Voidsunder

Basic InformationEdit

The practical, worldly house among the Sunders, the Voidsunder are the tradesmen, the merchants, the diverse and populous of the house. The most prolific, and once most wealthy. The family to have obtained Voidheart, and the most conencted beyong the Vale, they are now hard pressed for resources in keeping both their own numerous kin and catering to the Starsunder for all the years after the fall.

The feet of the Sunder, they are the most well traveled and pragmatic of the families, and they are to a person joyous at the return of the Light, and are the most willing to accept the Shadow's return.

Notable MembersEdit

Thessenia Voidsunder - Current Heiress.

Other InformationEdit

voidsunder page mel is making

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