The House of Thelryn
House Heraldry


Ethala Dath'Anar - Ever Ascending


Sin'dorei, Quel'dorei


Goldenshade Estate


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Rordryan Thelryn the Sorceror

Current Head

Lady Azriah Thelryn

Peerage Associations

House of Illythien
House of Duskwither
House of Truefeather

Organizational Affiliations

The Sunguard
The Reliquary of Silvermoon

Today, the House of Thelryn has entered its most prosperous phase under the determined hand of Lady Azriah Thelryn, successor of the beloved Lord Valinthien Thelryn. Since the aftermath of the Third War, House Thelryn has been built up nearly to its pre-war grandeur with even greater prospects on the horizon. With the recent acquisition of the wealth of Duskwither, an impending marriage with the House of Netherstar, a blood-bond to House of Truefeather, ties to the Sunguard and the Reliquary, the name Thelryn is one that is once more rising on the tongues of the Silvermoon elite.

The Land of Eternal Eventide Edit

Having their lineage traced back to the Highborne Orillion Starsurge, the newly named Thelryns made their seat upon the rolling foothills near the powerful Elrendar River.  So it was named Goldenshade Estate; a name aptly chosen for the way the sun filters through the trees in seeming eternal sunset. 

The Estate Proper is one of the most extravagant manses found within the Thalassian Court. Cut from marble, quartz, and the finest of Thalassian oak, the hall features a sprawling labyrinth of courtly amenities. Every spring the estate hosts a Noblegarden Gala while in the off seasons the handmaidens and butlers return to the city with their mistress.

The lands and incomes are supported by the sprawling riverfront city known as Astoria Shen'drin, while the mining hamlet known as Delanar powers the economic engine of the Gilded Lands. It is more than enough to supply the land and its peoples as well as support the family of the House of Thelryn, whose riches are augmented by inheritances and a life time of devotion to the state. Now under the command of the Lady Azriah Thelryn, their words Ethala Dath’anar ring especially true.  In the common tongue it translates to Ever Ascending. Only time will tell what heights will the Lady Thelryn reach.

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