The House of Sunshatter
House Sunshatter copy

Coat of Arms

A sheaf of grain in gold against a white sun, over a field of amber.


Grow Ever Stronger


The Palace of Goldsea

Current Head

Reinyara Sunshatter


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord/Lady of Goldsea


House of Truefeather


Averinthar Sunshatter


The House of Sunshatter was founded alongside those of their allies and future lords the House of Truefeather , upon the forging of Quel’thalas. The house is seated within the lands known as the Dawnspire, along the eastern edges of the Eversong Woods, though the fields of Goldsea lie to the southern edge of the Dawnspire province.

Ancient allies and more recent vassals to the Truefeather, the Sunshatter’s lands are renowned for their granaries, and the gilded plains of wheat that gave their estate its name. Recognizable by their striking coloration of rich, honey-hued locks and sun-kissed skin, both men and women of the house are notable for their complimentary nature and innate congeniality. Their lack of standing forces tends to color them with less prestige than the other houses of the Dawnspire, but this only spurs the house to make lasting connections in other ways. A paternal house historically, the most recent Lady of Goldsea was the only child of her father, and has been ruling for nearly four hundred years.

Historical DocumentationEdit

The House of Sunshatter was founded upon the arrival of the Highborne to Quel’thalas, though their rise and fall as a major house occurred much later. The seat of the house was once Sunbreak Stand, a fortress located in the eastern edges of the Goldsea lands, formed to protect the fledgling house against the frequent Amani attacks. It stood for two thousand years, and with the allowing the Sunshatter their independance.

However, a particularly potent offensive of the Amani forced the Sunshatter to flee, allowing Sunbreak Stand to fall. It was at this time that the Sunshatter came to the Truefeather, and bent knee to the lords of the Dawnspire for protection and aid in ridding their lands of the Amani. With the protection of the Truefeather, the Sunshatter gifted the Stand to their new Overlords, and within the heart of their golden fields, created Goldsea Palace , a place of comfort and trade rather than war. With this change, the Sunshatter freed themselves of the rigors of war, and became a strength in the Dawnspire as merchants and diplomats; their coffers and honeyed tongues bent to the task of opening doors for the Truefeathers whenever called upon.

Notable MembersEdit

Reinyara Sunshatter - Vidane

Sabaleth Sunshatter - Heir to Reinyara

Dahlayla Sunshatter - Scion of House Sunshatter

Irisaeya Sunshatter - Scion of House Sunshatter

Iszornae Sunshatter - Scion of House Sunshatter

Infelidrac Ebonwing - Reinyara’s former spouse and father to her children; now exiled.

Isilos Sunshatter - Advisor to Vidane Reinyara, Head of the Sunshatter Ardents

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