House of Suncrest

House Sigil

A sun setting over the shore, contained within a tower shield. (Formerly, a swordfish inlaid upon the sun)

House Words

"Break Upon the Shore"

House Colors

Red, Black, Gold

Current Head

Felo'anar Suncrest

Seat of Power

Dawnbreaker Bastion


'The Fisherman Knight', 'Dawnbreaker'

Notable Living Members

Cara'fiel 'Bloodcrest', Lliszara 'Darkcrest'

Notable Deceased

Galadrian Suncrest, Muirasilin Suncrest

Founder (House)

Athaniar Suncrest

Founder (Sword Faction)

Asha'omyn Suncrest


House Suncrest is a large, old and respected House, even though they are not particularly powerful on their own. Well known for producing talented Spellbreakers, and being one of the largest supplies of sea food in the Eastern Kingdoms for hundreds of years, they have remained steadfast and loyal to the defense of Kingdom of Quel'thalas.

Basic HistoryEdit

The Suncrest family first grew as a fishing family, more capable than the rest. They earned their name at first, for their early morning fishing routines. While also supplying fish to others, they have enough wood to build moderate ships for transportation of large catches and quick transport to the mainland.

Eventually, the family evolved into professional shipwrights, making expensive and well made ships for whoever had the coin or materials. Eventually this skill earned them a place in Quel'thalas' navy. Though not the largest family with shipwrights, and due to their divided nature, the Suncrest families mostly make luxury ships.

Their reputation for being in the Sunfury is relatively recent; when a daughter of the Suncrest denied her heritage of the sea to remain on land and learn the art of Magic Breaking. Through renown and skill, she earned her family immense honor, eventually guiding others to her banner. For this reason Suncrest often identify as 'hook' or 'sword', to define their affiliation in the family.

With the recent war plagued history of the SIn'dorei, the family has leaned more towards the warmongering half of the family, with the 'Hooks' falling out of favor, though they are still very much around as fisherman providing valuable food to Quel'thalas.


Suncrest Shore is roughly 500 acres of land, along the southeastern cost of Quel'danas. Near the north of the Shore is a cliff, upon which sits the Suncrest's current seat of power, Dawnbreaker Hold. A well made fortress in a defensible position, created after the first Spellbreaker produced by their family became a Sunfury.

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