The House of Starsunder

Coat of Arms

A blue phoenix rising over a golden tome, over a field of azure.


Wisdom before Curiosity



Current Head

Cathein Starsunder


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord of Stars


Satharus Starsunder

Basic InformationEdit

The intellectual branch of the Sunders, the Starsunder are accomplished scholars, mages and magisters for their home and beyond. It could be said that none knew the stars quite as they did, with much of their wealth coming from predicting weather and safe passages for ships that came to the Starreach harbor.

The mind of the Sunders, they have relied on their wit and debts owed to them to retain their place as the highest of those remaining, until the resurgence of their cousins in Light and Shadow. Suddenly displaced, many do not know what the future will hold for them.

Notable MembersEdit

Cathein Starsunder - Current Lord.

Other InformationEdit

starsunder page mel is making

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