House of Silvermourn
House Silvermourn

Coat of Arms

Upon a field of azure, a gray star burns against a onyx phoenix.


In Wrath, Ruin



Current Head

{ Solnis Silvermourn }


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord of Oakvale


Silvermourns of Quel'Thalas


Alar Silvermourn

"There are few sorrowful stories of thalassian noble houses more tragic than that of House Silvermourn. The people of Oakvale sit upon the very edges of the Dawnspire and they were the most impacted by the scourge’s invasion. Most of Oakvale was lost and now lies dead and diseased while the undead ravage the nearby forests."  -Magister Ceamara Nightfall

The House of Silvermourn, often known as House Silvermourn was a family of retainers to House Truefeather, which settled into the thick oaken groves now known as the Oakvale. Using a combination of magic and druidic magic, they raised from the earth the mighty Oakhall, a living castle in the heart of the great forest. This action was seen as affront to nature by the Oakvale Warders, a faction of druids which lived within the boroughs of the forest. The Warders later fled deep into their boroughs and often warred against the Silvermourns.

The Second War Edit

Throughout the years, House Silvermourn has come to the aid of the lords of the Dawnspire. During the Second War, Solovar Silvermourn led an army with Finnistan Truefeather, to combat the Horde as it pillaged the southern reaches of Quel'Thalas. Solovar, along with many other minor nobles and their liege-lord Finnistan were burned alive by a great red wyrm enslaved by the Horde. This left a single child, Solnis Silvermourn as head of the House.

Invasion of the Dawnspire Edit

Almost a decade after the Third War, a massive army of undead raised by the Cult of the Bleeding Eye, invaded the Dawnspire. A large army moved to the Oakvale and began to corrupt the vales there. Solnis, who gathered thousands of warriors to his command, led an assault to break the siege which was sent into disarray by the paramilitary group known as the Sunguard.

From that point out, Solnis led his house to the aid of the Sunguard in their battles across the Dawnspire. This came to the end during the Battle of the Dawnspire Citadel, where Solnis was slain in combat against Ronald Royce, an assassin under the hire of Bleeding Eye. Solnis, without a heir marked the end of House Silvermourn, which is remembered for its long legacy of loyalty to the people of Quel'Thalas.

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