House of Silverdawn
Art by Starcunning

Coat of Arms

A seeking White Lynx over a field of azure and gray.


Honor Before Glory


Lynx Home

Current Head

Alaria Silverdawn


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord of Lynx Home

Vassal of:

House of Netherstar

The noble House of Silverdawn, known more colloquially as House Silverdawn, is a major house found within the southern thalassian province of the Emberlight. Its holdings are in the far eastern shores of the Emberlight high up on large bluffs and crags. There, the Silverdawns have etched a fortress into the rock face known as Lynx Home. They are currently a vassal to the Netherstars of Netherholde. While they are not blessed with a lengthy heritage in the Highborne social classes, they are still renowned warriors of great honor and wanderlust. Silverdawn children often take up great pursuits of martial prowess, all of which culminate in the Trial of the Hunt where they search out and kill a great White Lynx.

The current leader of House Silverdawn is: (Insert Name here)

Basic Residency Edit

Primary Residence: Lynx Home Edit

Historical Documentation Edit

House Silverdawn was founded a thousand years after the founding of Quel'Thalas. As the Emberlight was taken by conquest, the wild coast was still an increasingly dangerous place. Amani raiders often ploughed seas attacking coastal villages and threatened the budding port city of Dawnbreaker Anchorage. The Silverdawns were originally employed to protect the coast using light cavalry to race among the bluffs and dunes. Over time, their quick response grew more famous and as the Dawnbreaker naval forces increased, the coast became safe.

The Great Hunt Edit

When Silverdawn adolescents transition into adulthood they are given a task to climb up into the high crags above Lynx Home to hunt a Great White Lynx. These beasts are stark comparission to their tamer cousins within Eversong. At the size of a horse and in equal weight and strength, they are more akin to tigers or lions than the elusive smaller forms. Silverdawn children are armed with a hunting spear and axe and only wear light linen scraps to cover themselves. The children must hunt, slay, and skin a Lynx to be given permission to take the wander path away from Lynx Home. They wear their pelts about their shoulders similar to a cloak or tunic.

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