The House of Shadowsunder

Coat of Arms

A violet phoenix rising over crossed black blades in gold, over a field of grey.


Humility Before Wrath


Duskfall Citadel

Current Head

Zalin Shadowsunder


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord of Shadows


Zanlian Shadowsunder

Basic InformationEdit

The might and force of the Sunders, the Shadowsunder were historically the blade and shield of Shimmervale. The noble line prided itself on its combat skills, and even the scions and heirs were trained in the arts of war. This, however, did not stay a blessing to the Lightsunder, and they were the ones to hasten their own demise by rising up against their distant kin.

Often called the hands of the Sunders, they too have been blessed with one last heir, though some at Voidheart call it no blessing at all.

Notable MembersEdit

Zalin Shadowsunder - Current Lord.

Other InformationEdit

shadowsunder page mel is making

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