The House of Rainwood
House Rainwood

Coat of Arms

Onyx axes crossed over a plain of red and black adorned in a crown of gold.


Duty, Honor, Glory


Sundial Anchorage

Current Head



Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord of Sundial Anchorage


Truefeathers of Quel'Thalas


Elinor the Stalwart

The noble House of Rainwood was the first among the banner houses of the Dawnspire. Their words, Duty, Honor, Glory were not spoken idly. Of warrior houses, House Rainwood was always within the vanguard and their endless devotion to Quel’Thalas was only further encouraged by their Truefeather overlords.

A crimson and emerald field sported twin black axes within a golden crown. Their house was an old and bitter one when dealing with those of lesser birth. Unfortunately, it was one plagued with poor birthrates and tragedy.

House Rainwood suffered the most within the Dawnspire to the Scourge which cost them all of their family save Elinora and Raynor Rainwood, twins who knew legacy of their great home rest upon their shoulders.

Following the destruction of their home, the twins joined with the Argent Dawn and brought war to the Scourge. There they served until their unfortunate death during the final moments of the Siege of Icecrown. They are remembered fondly by the Truefeather’s of the Dawnspire and the people that were left in their wake

They never married but there are rumors of children born outside of marriage. However, through diligent research, their offspring have yet to be found.

Should such children come to light, they stand to inherit a grand and rich heritage only suited for their claim.

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