The House of Lightsunder

Coat of Arms

A white phoenix crowned and haloed in gold, over a white sun.


Virtue Before Pride


Lightstone Manor

Current Head

Seilaran Lightsunder


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


High lady of the Shimmering Vale


Aledori Lightsunder

Basic InformationEdit

The spiritual and political leaders of Shimmervale, the Lightsunder were renowned for their grace and culture, the beauty of their architecture and the purity of their bloodline. Through their guidance, Shimmervale remained isolated and distant from the lands nearest them, and none among the Sunders lived as inward and careful an existence as those of the Lightsunder.

Known as the Heart of the Sunders, the sole remaining heir has rekindled their house, though the daunting task of rebuilding has only just begun.

Notable MembersEdit

Seilaran Lightsunder - Current Lady.

Keonei Lightsunder - Seilaran's mother.

Other InformationEdit

This is the House Lightsunder page Mel is working on rn

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