House Islesun

House Sigil

A falcon rising in flight, but trapped within a circle

House Words

We Point Out the Path

House Colors

Brown, Green, and Beige


The Isle

Current Head

Ithanar Islesun


Northwestern Quel'thalas




The Islesun Family




The House of Islesun, or House Islesun, is one of many ancient elven noble families spread throughout the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas. Considered to be one of the smaller noble houses, the Islesun family cultivated a bit of power throughout the rise and fall of the Quel'dorei.

Known for their expertise in plotting out shipping and trading routes in and out of the Eversong Woods by land and sea, this enterprise vaulted them to the height of their power during the Troll Wars and subsequent years which saw trade established freely in the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the years leading up to the Fall, strained relations between the Quel’dorei and other races led to the decline of the house with shipping and trading failing. Recent times have led to the house becoming dormant, a shadow of its former self.


Early YearsEdit

Like many of the elven houses, the Islesun family quickly established themselves following the Highborne’s arrival on the shores of what would become Quel’Thalas. Never posing much military or magical might, the family’s expertise lay in shipping, trading, and cartography.

During the fledgling days of the new elven nation, they assisted with plotting out trading routes, establishing caravans and supply lines between villages, and mapping out the territories. A few family members even assisted in the initial skirmishes with their new neighbors in the trolls of the Amani Empire.

Their assistance with these endeavors prompted the ruling Sunstriders to gift a moderate space of land and titles to the family.

The Troll WarsEdit

Four thousand years of peace led to a small decline in the house’s fortunes, but the Troll Wars offered an opportunity for a rise back to prominence.

Several members of House Islesun fought in the war as members of the Farstriders, but more helped with scouting and negotiating new trading routes with their newfound allies in the tribes of Arathor. Their efforts led to a resurgence in the house’s fortunes, especially in the years after the wars ended.

House Islesun continued its sponsorship of the Farstriders after the Troll Wars, even going as far as to pledge certain family members to the organization’s cause. Many of them went on to become high-ranking members.

The Second War and the FallEdit

Despite centuries of prosperity, the fortunes of House Islesun began to decline during the Second War. The Horde’s attempt at conquering Quel’thalas hindered trade and cut off supply lines, thus denying the family a source of wealth it had depended upon. Even though the invaders failed in this endeavor, the damage they had done was rather permanent.

The family experienced even more trouble when King Anasterian Sunstrider decided to abandon the Alliance, further closing off the borders which the Islesun family had assisted with opening and maintaining for nearly three thousand years.

However, House Islesun continued to assist with its duties in trading and shipping but found its power and influence throughout the region greatly diminished.

The Fall of Quel’thalas was what eventually led to the family’s ruin, like many other noble elven houses. Many members of the family were slaughtered by the Scourge, and some were even raised as undead; their current whereabouts are unknown.

Recent EventsEdit

In the years following the Fall, House Islesun has become dormant and remains under the control of Ithanar Islesun, the oldest remaining member of the family. Some rumors have spread and suggest he may have wrested control of the house from his twin sister Ildrielen but the reasons for such are unknown.

Despite this, the family still maintains an informal relationship with the Farstriders and allows them to keep vigil on the Isle; they remain in the small settlement known as Treeport, which resides in the southwest of the island.

Customs and TraditionsEdit

Notable MembersEdit

Ithanar Islesun (current head)
Ildrielen Islesun
Ithaerin Islesun
Vynthius Vilesun (presumed deceased)

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