House of Highvale

Coat of Arms

No information


Ever Burning, Ever Bright



Current Head

Baelen Highvale




Prince of Quel'Valas


Baelen Highvale

The great House of Highvale, or more colloquially known as House Highvale, is one of the many great houses of Quel'Thalas, and one of the greatest noble families in the Thalassian Colonies. Having taken several smaller nobles with them to the war southern isles of Quel'Valas, they have founded a budding island nation loyal to the Throne. At its head, Prince Baelen Highvale has founded a minor dynasty on these islands and have ruled them for almost six thousand years. Now aging and in poorer health, there are many rumors on who he may pick as a successor.

House Highvale, has long held unbreakable ties with the House of Sunstrider in which Baelen is a cousin of High King Anasterian Sunstrider. After Prince Kael'thas fall from grace, there were expectations that Baelen would ascend the throne, but respecting his kin's wish to abolish the title of High King, he has remained content on his position in the colonies. There are however smaller separatist movements on Quel'Valas that would see that House Highvale ascend to the throne and rightfully claim what is their birthright. Baelen however has refuted any such notions.

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