Known for their Arcanist roots and strong ties to magic, House Firestorm’s rise to power was through the force and driven ambition of its paternal founding member – Vaelindor Firestorm – a feared and powerful mage whose strength resided primarily in the art of arcane and, more notably, pyromancy.

The House of Firestorm

House Sigil

A burning tree, a symbol of their familial claim of a growing legacy through fire and embers.

House Words

Through Fire and Flame, We Light the Path

House Colors

White, Azure, and Gold


The Shallowbrook

Current Head

Vaelrin Firestorm


Southwest Quel'Thalas


Patriarch, High Magister


Lord of Shallowbrook


Vaelindor Firestorm

Basic InformationEdit

Primary Residence:

Historical DocumentationEdit


Great Battles and WarsEdit

Notable MembersEdit

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