The noble House of Firesong, was once a prominent house located within the southern thalassian province of the Emberlight. Like most noble houses of the misty valley, it can trace its roots back to the Highborne courts of Queen Azshara. Hosue Firesong was known to be the second most powerful house within the land for the majority of the provinces power and was a constant and bitter rival to the overlords within the Netherholde.

During the Thalassian Civil War, Elistan Firesong used the chaos of the conflict to rise up and march an army into the Netherholde, ending a five thousand year reign over the province. While he was successful in subduing many of the House of Netherstar supporters, he was unable to capture its liege lord Izulde Netherstar who went into exile within the Netherstorm. Years later, Izulde found sufficient evidence of possible treason attached to Elistan's name. Using the Phoenix Guard, Izulde removed Elistan from his home and had him imprisoned. Weeks later, Elistan was found burned alive within his cell, a mystery yet remained unsolved.

Following Elistan's death, the Netherstars marched an army to route out and destroy any remaining Firesongs effictively ending the family line and completely destroying their ancient seat. In all, the purge cost the lives of 500 people and returned the Netherstars in a position of strength within the Emberlight.

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