House of Firefall

Coat of Arms

Two crimson swords on a field of orange and yellow.


Flame Burns no Brighter


Valley of Cinders

Current Head

None (defunct).


Lady of Firefall




Ahn'dase Firefall

A former, minor noble house of Quel'thalas, the former House of Firefall (or House Firefall) resides in what is now known as the Greyvale. Despite the disadvantageous location, the small remnant of the former manse that still stands is warded from harm by the sole remaining descendant of the house, Os'golde Firefall. Sho'tase Dawngaze is an openly claimed relative of the family, albeit a bastard descendant on her father's side. Still, the widow Firefall holds no current heirs to the property, and it is common knowledge that the Lady intends for the House to fade into the annals of history completely after her passing.

The family frequently pledges service of her small remaining funds to The Sunguard. However, Os'golde's reasoning for doing so is unknown.

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