House of Felraven
House Felraven

Coat of Arms

Three grey ravens before a dark burst, all on black.


What is in our claws, remains.



Current Head

Narysha Felraven


The Greyvale


Lord/Lady of the Greyvale


The Felravens


Falsimar Felraven

The House of Felraven, known also as House Felraven, is a Blood Elf noble House with lands that border that of the ever-autumn Eversong Woods and the corrupted lands now known as the Ghostlands. Most of the lands within the borders of The Greyvale have been purged of the undead that once plagued them, but remain twisted and corrupted still. Almost completely abandoned, there are few that remain loyal to their homes, included the two heiresses, Melanei Felraven and her sister Lovete Felraven. Their mother, Narysha Felraven, the current head, fled to Netherstorm in support of Kael'thas and although she denounced him when the tides began to turn, she has yet to return to Quel'Thalas.

Basic Information Edit

Historical Documentation Edit

The Greyvale Edit

For generations, the use of the darker arts of magic have twisted the land. From shadow, to fel, to things older and much more terrifying, the dark magics have seeped into the soil of the Greyvale and since changed it forever. While there is still both plant and wildlife, neither are ‘natural’ any longer.

Flora and Fauna Edit

All plant life found in the Greyvale is dark and muted in color. Grass that grows is more like moss in consistency. Trunks of trees, no matter what species, are almost black and often show irregular growth patterns, making them twist near the roots. The same black coloring is similar to the thinner branches of bushes as well.

The flowers of the Greyvale are of a particular interest. Most can be used as stand-ins for certain magical reagents and are then used in curses, poisons, and potions. While there are many of the usual types that can be found all over Eversong and the Ghostlands, there are some that are only found in the Greyvale. A popular theory among residents is that they were once the more average species, but had evolved so much from the magic that they have since become something beyond recognition.
What animals have managed to remain in the Greyvale have been affected and have evolved over centuries to adapt to the type of land they live on. Wolves, lynxes, deer, dragonhawks, and other animals normally found in Quel’Thalas remain with slight changes; the changes that are the same regardless of species are that they are leaner, darker in coloring, and their eyes are green.

Notable Members Edit

Lady Narysha Felraven - Current Matriarch and Head of House.

Melanei Felraven - First and eldest daughter of Narysha and first heiress.

Lovete Felraven - Second and youngest daughter of Narysha.