House of Fairlight

Coat of Arms

Aqua waves cresting beyond a silver lighthouse, on a background of azure.


Light the Darkened Waves


Fairbreeze Coast


Eldriana Fairlight


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Siren of the Cove


Aurienne Fairlight

The House of Fairlight, known as House Fairlight in common parlance, was founded in northern Quel'thalas, on the Sunstrider Isle, several hundred years after the Highborne's ascent to power in the region. Originally an offshoot of a now-forgotten branch of major nobility -- the House of Fairdawn -- the House of Fairlight came to prominence in the decline of the original house, and has long outlasted their reign of the region, taking over as the ruling head of the Fairbreeze Coast.

House Fairlight is known for producing exclusively Ladies as the head of its seat of power: a Matriarchal house, the Cove is always headed by the oldest Fairlight daughter and her descendants, despite the attempts of some generations to change this practice. The men of the House are known to take careers as able sailors in the Thalassian Navy, although some have been driven by greed into piracy, leaving the entire House Fairlight cast in an a rather mischievous and criminal light.

Ruling History Edit

Originally a prosperous sailing family, the House of Fairlight was founded in large part for their dedication and ferocity in fighting off roving bands of pirates to the region. After founder Aurienne Fairlight saved the heir presumptive to the House of Fairdawn from kidnapping at the hands of troll pirates off the shore, the Lord Fairdawn presented the woman with control over the small region. Aurienne quickly realized that she would be unable to completely cultivate the dense forests of the land itself. Instead, she chose to enlist the help of several powerful mages to create a series of seaside ports for trade and exportation. Fairbreeze was built as a dual testament: to the sea, from which the high elves had come, and to the power of the arcane, through which all of the impossible was made manifest.

Today, the House of Fairlight watches over the Fairbreeze Coast from its seat of power in the Siren's Lighthouse -- an impressive structure doubling as both the home of the family and a functioning lighthouse for the Fairbreeze Cove. While the family nearly died out during the Third War, the position of power was taken over by Eldriana Fairlight, aided by her sister, Allegra Fairlight, both of whom have worked tirelessly to bring the province back to prominence in Northern Quel'Thalas.

Notable Events Edit

During the Third War, the present head of the House, Eldenne Fairlight, her husband, and oldest son were killed by a wandering band of Scourge -- a group that had split off from the main force, directed by Arthas Menethil to destroy and pillage as they saw fit. The family, refusing to heed the warnings of the Farstriders, chose foolishly to continue their planned vacation from their estate and were mercilessly slaughtered, leaving behind their daughters, Eldriana and Allegra, both of whom were spared from death by a fortunate turn of circumstance that had left both of them at the family's vacation cabin.

Eldriana Fairlight was present with the Sunguard during the attempt to aid the Draenei in the retaking of Shattrath City, in alternate Talador.

Both Eldriana and Allegra Fairlight survived the Winter of Woe, and emerged from the ensuing combat alive and relatively unscathed.

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