The Emberfells were once a prosperous artisan house from which blossomed many of Quel'thalas’s finest skilled tradesmen. They were some of the most diligent armor and weaponsmiths in the land with a resounding brand most noted in ceremonial and heirloom pieces many nobles would commission. Its prosperity waned with every war, for a merchant house, no matter how prestigious, could not be exempt from the draft. Faced with repeated tragedy, the name Emberfell became worth little more than the fine weapons it’s last remaining heir could forge. Today the last of the Emberfell legacy rests on the shoulders of twin brothers, Thordemar and Felo'thore Emberfell.

The Future of the Emberfell Artisanship Edit

While their father, Rhandelen, was the last true blacksmith of the family's strict techniques, in recent years after the fall, the remaining Emberfell brothers have since reunited and began collaborating under the Emberfell Artisanship name. Thordemar remains a lead forge technician while Felo'thore assists with glass fabrication, enchantment and heat control. Together, their small business operates to restore and refurbish antique technology, heirloom weaponry and regalia as well as simple around-the-house needs.

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The Emberfell Artisanship Seal printed on invoices for their services.

Notable Characters Edit

Rhandelen Emberfell (Father of last generation, deceased)

Thordemar Emberfell (remaining Artisan Blacksmith)

Felo'thore Emberfell (glassblower & enchanter)

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