The House of Sunshatter

Coat of Arms

A black bird, capturing a silver flame in it’s wings over a field of indigo.


Sanctuary In Darkness


The Ebonwing Mansion

Current Head

Livaric Ebonwing


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Lord/Lady of Ebonwing


House of Felraven


Arvane Ebonwing / Jelmaira Ebonwing


The House of Ebonwing, once known as the houses of Shoregleam and Balestar, was founded in the darkest days of the Amani wars, having been created from the fragments of two broken lineages. The house is seated within the lands known as the Greyvale to the southern reaches of Eversong, though the dead and withered cospe that plays host to the Ebonwing manses has no song at all. The Ebonwing manage the lands nearest the mountains of Shimmervale. Having been forged anew under the protective wings of the Felraven, the Ebonwing are the tools of their Overlords and as such take their place among the denizens of the Greyvale as a sacred honor. Hosting some small military ability in their mounted Crow Archers, a form of combat borrowed from their neighbors in the Darksun and the Cradle, they serve the Felraven primarily as another resource to be spent. Two houses went into the creation of the Ebonwing, and their physical natures and characteristics often war-- between the ashen skin of the Shoregleam, and the monochrome of the Balestar, the Ebonwing look like wraiths more than elves, sallow and thin.

Notable MembersEdit

Livaric Ebonwing - Besaron

Intersein Ebonwing - Heir to Livaric

Infelidrac Ebonwing - Livaric's younger brother, married into House Sunshatter and later exiled for loyalty to Kael'thas.

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