House Dor'wynn
House dorwynn

Coat of Arms

Two stars positioned above an in descript white animal skull, within a white circle, on a field of moss and forest green.


We breathe, we live.

Current Head

Halya Dor'wynn


The Murkcrest Isles


The Bear Warden

Family Seat



No information

General Information Edit

Older than the schism between the Kaldorei and Quel'dorei, the Dor'wynn family have remained cloistered in their valley for millennia, with little more than a sidelong glance towards the rest of the world. Following Kaldorei traditions of matriarchy, the druidic family split from the Night Elves in ages past, and fostered their own divergent culture in an echo chamber of unending agreement.

Tradition is placed above all else in their family, and no tradition is a strongly rooted as that of druidism. All women in the Dor'wynn family are shapeshifters, and draw on the primal powers of the pantheon of Ancients to shed their skin and embrace what they consider a higher form of being. The Change is the ultimate expression of power, and mastery of shifting is a must. All other forms of druidic magic, though connected just the same, are viewed with contempt and often pity.

Hidden away on an series of isles known as the Murkcrest Isles, they Dor'wynn's have been a part of their own closed circut of culture since the time of the Sundering. Insular and haughty, they have only made a resurgence in the world to benefit themselves, and now seek allegiance with the sin'dorei and the allied forces of The Sunguard for unspecified reasons.

History Edit

Blessings of the Ancients Edit

Broken Bonds Edit

The Warden-Sisters Edit

Culture Edit

Every facet of society on Murkcrest is pinned heavily on unfaltering, unbreakable traditions. They look sourly upon any and all who attempt to change their ways, and consider tradition to be the most important aspect of life. In the past, ploys to break their traditions have resulted in banishment or annihilation; the only time the ageless laws that uphold the culture surrounding House Dor’wynn alter are when they can no longer be physically carried out, in which case the ruling council of Warden Sisters must meet to redefine or erase their old laws.

The most notable tradition of the Dor’wynn family is their exaltation of women; the Dor’wynn women are the only ones able to rule and practice druidism. All lines of lineage are traced along the mother’s side of the family, a tradition upheld throughout the Murkcrest Isls as a whole, and they lack a true concept of ‘bastard’ children. Similarly, they are lacking in the societal pressure of marriage much of sin’dorei and quel’dorei culture upholds.

Rites of Succession Edit

Trial of the Spires Edit

Family Seat Edit

Overroot Edit

Notable Members Edit

Halya Dor'wynn - Current Matriarch, the Bear Warden and Lady of Overroot

Tassandria Dor'wynn - The Stag Warden, middle-sister of the Dor'wynn family, and Ranger-General of the Murkcrest Isles.

Velayn Dor'wynn - Tassandria's daughter.

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