The Dawngaze Family is a family of warriors who have always served the nobility, even prior to the exile of the Highborne.  A caste of soldiers with little to no magic to call their own, they have faithfully served first the Highborne and then the high elves and finally today the Sin'dorei as bodyguards and heads of private and public military operations. Having no magic themselves, they have always prided themselves on acting as the eyes and ears for those in power. Dawngaze ancestors are numerous, as daughters of the house are encouraged to duel their mate for the right to carry on their family name. The process had all but died out by the time of the Third War; the last woman to successfully challenge her husband for the right to carry on her name was Sareliah Dawngaze, Sho’tase Dawngaze's mother. But it is safe to assume that the name has spread remarkably due to this practice, and is now quite common in Sin’dorei society.

History Edit

The core family’s home in Quel’thalas was deemed the Dawngaze Spire, a sprawling series of towers and adjoining courtyard and training arena in the forests of northern Quel’thalas. It was created by Daevras Dawngaze after the exile, and acts as the border gate and watchpost for the Dawnkissed lands. While many Dawngaze children were sent into service as bodyguards and soldiers for other noble familes, prior to the third war the majority of them served as the standing military force for House Dawnkissed, a family of powerful and wealthy mages. They had contracted with the Lord Dawnkissed almost immediately after the exile, and Dawnkissed family members who opt to remain in their natal home are sworn to dutiful service and protection of the Lord and Lady as well as their children and any academics who so chose to visit.

On the eve of the Third War, there were several hundred standing soldiers and rangers who served the Dawnkissed family in some capacity. Unfortunately, the Dawnkissed lands were poorly placed in relation to the Sunwell – with many of the soldiers sent to aid the city of Silvermoon on the coming of the Scourge, there were not many of them left to protect the family, or themselves. Almost every member of the family was slain, along with the Dawnkissed family – with the exception of Sho’tase Dawngaze, who fled from the battle, and the Lady Eliminea Dawnkissed, who was hidden for the duration of the sacking.

There are still several “branch” Dawngaze families alive, but by this point the lineage has become so watered down and diverse that of the “core” family, Sho’tase is the only one remaining, although there are rumors that her mother Sareliah survived the War and remains somewhere in the region.

Daily Life in the Spire Edit

The Spire stands presently as a disused building, wrecked after the coming of the Scourge. But previously it held up to four Dawngaze families at once – and at the time of the War, was home to not only Sho’tase’s family, but also the family of her two uncles and her grandparents.

A military family to the core, Dawngaze children raised in the Spire received intense martial training in the area of their choosing; a largely non-magical family, any children who were somehow born with a gift of magic were generally sent to House Dawnkissed for study. But those without were given a choice of weaponry to specialize in, although every Dawngaze child received basic training in all weapons for safety and general proficiency.

Most days were spent in training for both military and financial futures; by the time of the War many Dawngaze family members became military officers or Rangers, and every child was trained to read and write at a basic level, and also to do basic mathematics and calculate requirements for shipments and sums for troop organization. Children who particularly excelled in any of these categories were generally apprenticed to clerks or advocates outside of the family, but this was rare.

Free time and leisure were dictated by specific family custom. While some families allowed their children to pursue the arts and literature in their off hours, Sho’tase’s family was not one of those – largely because of the pressure on Sareliah to succeed her father as the matriarch of the family.

The Family Edit

The majority of the Dawngaze family members were warriors – blademasters, spellbreakers were all common. A lesser amount went into the Rangers, and Sareliah was one of these. Fewer still took up the arts of shadow and trickery, but those were not generally taught!

Sho’tase’s penchant for dual-wielding does not actually come from her mother; her father’s family, House Firefall, specialized in the wielding of magical blades in either hand. Sho’tase, along with her youngest brother, both took after her father. Her oldest brother was a ranger like their mother; the middle brother was a spellbreaker.

Sho’tase is currently the only Dawngaze to have any sort of control or power over the light – there was never a Dawngaze paladin, and certainly no priests. The Dawngaze family firmly eschewed notions of religion, a stubborn holdover from the Highborne ancestors who believed that both Elune and the Sun had betrayed them. The Dawngaze family is notoriously atheistic, and even Sho’tase struggles to believe in a higher power most times, although she would never say so without prompting.

At the time of the Third War, only Sho’tase, her parents, and her oldest brother Lycendis were still employed as soldiers on behalf of House Dawnkissed. Her other two brothers were members of the Thalassian military.

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