House of Blacksun
House blacksun

Coat of Arms

Cross Halberds upon a field of crimson and sable.


Glory In Devotion


Blacksun Gate

Current Head

Idrya Blacksun


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Warden of the Blacksun Gate


Netherstars of the Emberlight


Ivalia Blacksun

The House of Blacksun is an ancient noble house hailing from the Emberlight. Its seat is the massive Blacksun Gate which stretches fifty miles from the Weatherwall Mountains to the north and Alumeni Mountains in the south. There they oversee the protection of both the Outer and Inner Vales of the Emberlight and stand as the primary buffer against the Amani Trolls to the south. For most of its modern history, House Blacksun has been led and commanded by Lady Idrya Blacksun, a titanic general and famous warrior of Quel'Thalas.

Having kept their ancient Highborne name, House Blacksun has also kept many traditions of their origins in the Kaldorei. This includes a matriarchal line where only women of House Blacksun may inherit the title of nobility. In fact, eight out of every ten children in House Blacksun are female, leaving an odd few of male inheritors to sent as wards to other noble houses.

Basic Residency Edit

Primary Residence: Blacksun Gate

Historical Doccumentation Edit

Like many other houses of the Emberlight, House Blacksun traces its origins to the court of Queen Azshara herself. Having followed a large contingent of soldiers under Nathar the Redeemer, House Blacksun, Netherstar, and Blacksquall conqueror their now home against the Amani Trolls. There they built a large impenetrable wall separating the less populous Outer Vale with the more populous Inner Vale. While outwardly lacking the ambitions of the other noble houses of the Emberlight, the Blacksuns instead find zeal in glory in their position of defenders of the vale.

Troll Wars and the Curse of the Emberlight Edit

For almost four thousand years, the elves of the Emberlight fought a bitter and desperate war against the trolls that naturally resided there. But the high elves had one advantage over their foes, arcane magic. Having been crafted for centuries of war, House Netherstar had produced some of the finest pyromancers in the high kingdom. With renewed vigor, they pressed upon the trollish empire and turned the tide.

Unwilling to give up their homeland, the amani trolls sacrificed one of their great loa's, a serpent creature named I'anno. Upon its sacrifice, it placed an unending hex upon the Emberlight forever known as the Fade. This curse meant that all sentient life within the Emberlight is forever doomed to wander its misty vales upon their passing. These souls overtime would soon become corrupted and maleficent. These malevolent spirits are known as Mandrakes.

To combat this curse, House Netherstar founded a series of shrines towards the newly worshiped sun sects of Belore. This priesthood would be forever known as the Priests of Belore, and their purpose is to guide wayward spirits into the afterlife. Less publicly they are also charged with the hunting and elimination of mandrakes and their evil presence.

Notable Members Edit

Lady Idrya Blacksun

Lavinya Blacksun

Celaen Blacksun

Ellasha Blacksun

Iphrea Blacksun