House of Blacksquall

Coat of Arms





Dawnbreaker Anchorage

Current Head

Leoc Blacksquall


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


High Hunters of the Bloodied Squall


Blacksqualls of Quel'Thalas



Hailing from the large trading city of Dawnbreaker Anchorage, the noble House of Blacksquall over-watches the eastern coast of the Emberlight. Having been founded almost 500 years after the conquering of the province, the Blacksqualls have served as an iron fist against the Amani Trolls who constantly raid the coastlines. Under their guidance, the Dawnbreaker Anchorage has grown from a small fishing village to a large prosperous city. The current Patriarch of House Squall is Leoc Blacksquall, the High Hunter of the Cult of the Bloodied Squall, and a famous sailor and religious figurehead. House Blacksquall is the third most powerful major house within the Emberlight, third to only House Netherstar and Blacksun respectively. Similar to the white lynx cloaks those of House Silverdawn, those of House Blacksquall often wear cloaks of Bleaklight Hydra Scales.

Basic Residence Edit

Primary Residence: Dawnbreaker Anchorage

Historical Documentation Edit

House Blacksquall cannot trace its roots to any particular source. Most likely during the founding of Quel'Thalas, honorable titles were given out to powerful families who managed to control larger swaths of land from the Sunstriders. While the Blacksqualls may not have be directly honored by the royal family, their ascendance into nobility most likely came from their liege lords the Netherstars. As thousands of years have rolled on, the Blacksqualls view themselves as less and less beholden to those in the Netherholde.

Traditions brought over from the shores of Kalimdor began to twist shape and form spectacular traditions along the coast. No doubt there was some other magical elements within the sea, but over time a distinct religious sect began to form known as the Cult of the Bloodied Squall. Seeing this rise in popularity and how these traditions seemingly prevent the dead from the Curse of the Fade, the Blacksqualls positioned themselves as the high priests of the Cult.

Overtime, the Blacksqualls and Netherstars have feuded and there have been several small skirmishes that have cost hundreds of lives. While outright civil war within the province is unlikely, there is little doubt that the Blacksqualls see themselves as the primary figures of the province and how all minor and major houses should owe them fealty.

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