The House of Autumnlight

Coat of Arms

A dead tree over a golden sun, on a sky-blue field.


Deeds Not Words


Autumnlight Village

Current Head

Corran Autumnlight
Maevrille Autumnlight




Lord of the Autumnlight


Autumnlights of Quel'Thalas


Aric Autumnlight

 The House of Autumnlight, frequently simply known as House Autumnlight, was founded around 3,000 years ago at the conclusion of the Troll Wars against the Amani. The family seat is found deep in the Aranothu'ash Mountains of southern Eversong, atop a mountain overlooking the Talahl'aman Pass into Amani territory, atop a mountain flattened by the efforts of Thalassian magisters for use as a fortress prior to the establishment of the village. The Autumnlight children, heir Corran Autumnlight and his younger sisters Emariel and Leyannah, have recently sworn themselves to the service of the Sunguard, placing the house largely at the Guard's disposal. Autumnlights are known for their history of service to the Thalassian military, with the men of the family historically tending towards calm and dutiful and the women tending towards high-strung bravery. The house's leadership is gender-neutral, the fact that there have been no matriarchs to date simply a function of the fact that there have been no female Autumnlight firstborns to date. 

Basic Information Edit

Primary Residence: Autumnlight Village

Historical Documentation Edit

Founding: House Autumnlight was landed and titled by the Sunstrider dynasty for their exceptional service in the great Amani conflicts over three millennia prior to the present day. Their family seat is located high in the mountains of southern Eversong on the former location of Fort Quel'rethor, overlooking a strategic pass leading to Amani territory. Under their watch the former fortress grew to its current status as a semi-self sufficient garrison village housing several hundred civilian residents and support staff and a full company of Thalassian guardsmen. Military service is not compulsory for the house's sons and daughters, although it is far more common than not, and the Autumnlight family's sons and daughters frequently serve with distinction as rangers, Farstriders, guardsmen, paladins and beyond.

Great Battles and Wars Edit

Notable Members Edit

Corran Autumnlight - Lord of House Autumnlight, warrior in the Sunguard's Sunspear Battalion

Maevrille Autumnlight - Corran's wife, Lady of House Autumnlight

Orias Autumnlight - Retired patriarch, veteran Farstrider

Maralise Autumnlight - Orias's wife, mother to Corran, Emariel and Leyannah

Emariel Autumnlight - Eldest daughter of the Autumnlight clan

Leyannah Autumnlight - Paladin-in-training, the Autumnlights' youngest

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